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      • CatQuest
        Mr_Monkey, reosarevok maybe? https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/BB-519 we'd want eventually IA cover arts for books right?
      • I don't see the need to go by the way of some other-images-hax first,at that point it seems pointless anyway
      • hmm BrainzBot BB-519
      • Leo_Verto: seems it needs maybe to restart?
      • Mr_Monkey
        I'm not sure how easy it would be to directly use CAA, but that would be ideal.
      • reosarevok
        Not trivial
      • I would expect they would want a separate container for book covers
      • That said, I don't remember if the event poster archive is waiting for our action or theirs
      • If it is ours then you could get this done faster if you work on it :p
      • Mr_Monkey
        Speaking of, Posterogs is also closing: https://posters.discogs.com/
      • reosarevok
        That said, they do have a lot of OpenLibrary covers we maybe could use, depending on rights_
      • Mr_Monkey
        That's what I was thinking. not sure where those are stored.
      • reosarevok
        Like, if there is an OL link maybe we can display their cover, if they allow that, until we have it in the archive