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      • reosarevok
      • (also, haven't added anything in forever, did I do it right? And did I get it right that we don't currently have a way to link an author to their website?)
      • Mr_Monkey
        You did good ! And indeed, no website links yet
      • It is my understanding that we wouldn't have had more evolved life on the planet surface if it weren't for fungi and their capacity to create oxygen. Fascinating stuff, amongst other fantastic facts about fungi.
      • reosarevok: If there is more information on the edition copyright page that doesn't currently fit anywhere (like copyright, first publication date, printing company, font size, printer's key, etc.), you can add those verbatim to the annotation of the Edition.
      • CatQuest
        heh, it's what i've been doing :D
      • and mushroom are cool
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