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      • reosarevok
      • BrainzBot
        MBS-11958: Limit BookBrainz links to the appropriate entities
      • reosarevok
        Artist to Author and Work to Work I guess, but any other levels?
      • Not sure if there are cases where a BB publisher and an MB label should be linked
      • And I was wondering about stuff like music scores/manuscripts, do those get linked to a musical work in the same way two editions of a novel get linked to a prose work?
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      • CatQuest
        reosarevok: I think label-publisher makes somewhat sense (think for audiobook)
      • as for audiobooks those could need edition-release
      • then there could be a work-artist link on the bb side (biography about artist) and a author-work on the mb side (musial work dedicated to some author)
      • we are on the cusp of series. but i don't think that's comparative unless audiobook
      • lastly a work-work "is the notes for music" might make sense on bb
      • (so it can have the reverse)
      • and a artist-work "has biography at" on mb side
      • hmm librettos...
      • reosarevok
        So the score itself is a work in BB?
      • Rather than one or more editions of the (musical) work?
      • That's the kind of thing I'm trying to figure out here :)
      • Oooh, that's what they meant on the other ticket (https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/STYLE-1949)
      • BrainzBot
        STYLE-1949: Allow more detailed relationships with BookBrainz
      • reosarevok
        Linking to a biography *book*, not a biography section in the BB page
      • I was so confused, that makes sense now
      • CatQuest
      • well the book (early didn't but newerones would) of notes belong in bb. and thus the works therein
      • well the book (early didn't but newerones would have isbn too) of notes belong in bb. and thus the works therein
      • we should als ohave a bot that looks for links on mb and adds the equivelent ones to bookbrainz. and wisa versa!
      • can that book-/music- brainzbot be called bookworm? :D
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      • monkey
        +1 to all the above
      • reosarevok
        Yeah, I'm just wondering if the work therein would be the score, or the musical work the score represents :)
      • (so, can we say "the BB work for the Beethoven Sonata no. x is this" or is it "the BB work for the *score* of the Beethoven Sonata no. x"
      • which I guess is mostly a small difference, but since for poems and books I assume it's the same work exactly...)
      • monkey
        It would seem odd to me to have a BB work for a piece of music, whereas having a work for a score or librettos of that piece of music seems reasonable
      • One more possibly useful link: Release Group <-> Edition Group (especially for audiobooks)
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