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      • alastairp
      • lucifer
      • shivam-kapila
        lucifer: sure. I will give it a try
      • lucifer
      • ruaok
      • lucifer: alastairp: reosarevok: my availability this week is going to be spotty. I'm preparing to travel on thursday and there is some uncertainty and preparation to be taken care of when coming from a zone with dramatically increasing number of covid cases. #lesigh
      • lucifer
        👍, happy and safe travels :D
      • ruaok
      • I just find this ridiculous where 2 years ago someone might've said: "Rob, when are you going to germany?"
      • "oh! 6 hours from now. I guess I should start preparing."
      • reosarevok
        ruaok: that's what you get for partying so hard ;p
      • Ok, I'm spotty until Wed myself but should be around after, and I can probably deal with support from the phone anyway, so no worries
      • alastairp
        it's been a non-stop party here
      • ruaok
        I'll be around, just not all the time. today is spotty, tomorrow is a full day. wednesday & friday morning I'll be around. the rest is TBD.
      • yea, non stop party by all the people who haven't been vaccinated.
      • I really really really hope they will put a curfew in place for people who are not vaccinated.
      • that would be quite effective, methinks.
      • and be a very good motivation for people to get their vaccines
      • shivam-kapila
        People around the world are negligent regarding this
      • ruaok
        yes, and this means that covid will be around until this stops.
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      • akshaaatt[m]
        Hi lucifer !
      • akshaaatt[m] uploaded a video: (7150KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/CbPODNUFrxHdQQjtusEmboLa/screen-20210712-163657.mp4 >
      • These are some changes which I've been making to the search UX and UI. please ignore the theming rn since there are some changes required on that front for the entire app. Other than that I intend to add scrollview to the entire layout such that upon scrolling the list, even the entity tags hide and such.
      • With this, everything becomes very convenient and users can directly search whatever they feel like and the extra search results activity has been removed.
      • lucifer
        akshaaatt[m]: looks good to me. awesome work! :D i suggest to finalize this mockup and put it on community.meb for feedback from others as well.
      • akshaaatt[m]
        Sounds great!
      • 2 quick asks lucifer : Do I start a new topic on community.meb everytime or do I update the previous one? Secondly, I wanted to make changes to the strings resources in the codebase and since we have the resources available in multiple languages, I couldn't refractor them. Ex: Changing "Search XYZ" to "Process XYZ", I could only make this change to the English resource file but not for the other languages.
      • lucifer
        1) new topic sounds fine. 2) yeah, i think the best way would be to add a new string in english for just now. when doing a release i usually update the translations from transifex so that'll probably update other files.
      • akshaaatt[m]
        Wow okay! Thanks!
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      • ruaok
        param: can you please have a look at https://github.com/metabrainz/listenbrainz-serv... ?
      • lucifer: I'm loving reading #1546 -- so much more talk about the change than actual change.
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      • lucifer
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      • ruaok
        I'll have to actually think about it when I am not on a busy train.
      • lucifer
        sure, sounds good. i was hoping if we could actually try this for some time before putting in prod. maybe set up an instance of bono and connect a few spotify accounts to it.
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      • ruaok
        lucifer: I can't quite convince myself that this is going to fix the problem.
      • remind me, how does the spotify writer keep track of the last listen that we recorded for a user?
      • do we look at the last listen in the DB or do we have a high water timestamp that we use to keep track of the last listen fetched?
      • lucifer
        the latter
      • ruaok
        the the right fix is to use the same precision timestamp that spotify uses.
      • rounding the listened_at is fine -- that doesn't matter. but don't round the high water mark.
      • lucifer
        sure that should the issue as wel.
      • *solve the issue as well
      • ruaok
        I would much prefer that issue, since it would leave no room for overlap/duplicates.
      • but good job on identifying the root cause.
      • lucifer
        👍 , i'll look into modifying yhe precision of our timestamp in import table.
      • ruaok
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      • Freso
      • It’s Simplicity Monday!
      • I’ve received two mailed in reviews, so starting off with those…
      • monkey says:
      • """
      • Hello everyone!
      • I don’t really have anything to report about last week as I was in recovery mode.
      • I’m fully back in good health now, but taking a few extra days to be in nature after a long isolation.
      • See you all in a few days !
      • """
      • yyoung says:
      • """
      • * I enhanced PR #2151 according to reviews.
      • * Fixed old tests and wrote new tests for PR #2114
      • * (Have no idea why the tests failed or timed out mysteriously sometimes :()
      • * Added some entities on Musicbrainz to get myself more familiar, and did some translation.
      • * That's all, thank you.
      • """
      • Others up today: lucifer, alastairp, zas, reosarevok, bitmap, Freso, ruaok, yvanzo, akashgp09, akshaaatt, jasondk, ritiek, CatQuest – anyone else who wants to give review, let me know ASAP!
      • lucifer: Go!
      • Or…
      • alastairp: Go?
      • yvanzo can go
      • yvanzo: Go!
      • yvanzo
        Oh, thank you!
      • Hi!