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      • lucifer
      • ruaok, monkey, alastairp: ^. i got my spotify data using export. unimpressed to say the least. the listened at timestamps have been rounded to minutes, the times are in timezone specifc but the timezone is not mentioned. 😞
      • hmm, spotify says these times should be in UTC but I am unsure.
      • although not as good as expected, i guess we could still make it work. accuracy to minutes is probably better than not having the data at all.
      • ruaok
      • lucifer: inaccurate timestamps lead to duplicates later on if anything changes. not very good at all.
      • lucifer
        ruaok: yeah, timestamps in minutes are not good. and its hypocritical that they round it off to minutes because their apis offer the same info for the recent listens in millisecond precision.
      • ruaok
      • lucifer
        for now, i have mailed them and asked for the "extended streaming history" option. not hopeful, but let's see what they provide this time.
      • ruaok: i was looking into integrating more players in BP. apple music, soundcloud and deezer come to mind. soundcloud is currently not accepting new applications. i am unsure how many users deezer has. since meb alredy has a dev account with apple, i am thinking of integrating it next. one part would be using it as a play source and the other recording listens. thoughts?
      • ruaok
        agreed 100%
      • lucifer
        👍, i'll look into apple docs and find out what creds we need for it.
      • ruaok
        if you're looking for new things to do, I'm still very much in the market for the artist_similarity.... that could help a number of things...
      • lucifer
        i was thinking of doing that last week. i was stuck at how to make recording and artist similarity coexist. because lb side creates and destroys tables. either we generate both at the same time and send as a part of the same message. or we add the start and end marker messages to create/replace tables.
      • ruaok
        what if we stored them in a different table and had different messages?
      • lucifer
        yup that's also possible.
      • ruaok
        seems like the less invasive way of doing it
      • lucifer
        agreed. will add a separate table
      • ruaok
        sweet. that Is the only thing that might get the annoy indexes to produce anything useful. genre/year won't do it.
      • :crazy: "Let me reveal with MusicBrainz identifiers"
      • spammers. 🙄
      • wow. its St. Nikolaus and I missed having chocolate for breakfast.
      • time to go and buy some chocolate. :)
      • yvanzo
      • ruaok
      • yvanzo
        Happy name day to reosarevok and monkey!
      • monkey
        Oh hey forgot that was a thing! Thank O'yvanzo !
      • (Or should it be yvanz'O ?)
      • yvanzo
        (Would be a mix of Irish naming and French verlan ;)
      • It's always been a thing to me, mostly because of the gingerbread :)
      • lucifer
      • ruaok: ^
      • ruaok
        How are those different from normal?
      • lucifer
        these are calculated by counting on artist_credit_id instead of recording_mbid. the top 4-5 users are present in both lists but order is different https://api.listenbrainz.org/1/user/rob/similar...
      • also, the similarities are higher. in the recording case for you, those fall steeply after the first user. here, those are still high.
      • ruaok
        very intersting. let me listen to this new top user
      • lucifer: I dont think I like it. Listened to 5-6 tracks of the top users tracks and I had to skip most so far.
      • yeah, not good. I feel the recording one is better
      • lucifer
        ruaok: i see. note that this user is in recording similarity too, but lower in the list ~15 rank.
      • ruaok
        where I would expect this user to be, so that feels right. there are some things this user listens to I like, but rather fewer.
      • lucifer
        maybe try some other users also?
      • ruaok
        I know the other users. let me try 93andresen, new to me
      • lucifer
        yeah makes sense. recordings are a more granular match imo. but i wouldn't mind having artist similarity around too especially for users that have low recording similarity matches.
      • ruaok
        I pondered that.
      • if we have both, we could also play with combining them. or letter users give us feedback on which they prefer.
      • ruaok closes tab
      • yeah, no. really not feeling the artist based list.
      • BrainzGit
        [troi-recommendation-playground] 14mayhem opened pull request #42 (03main…add-genre-filter): Add a genre filter element https://github.com/metabrainz/troi-recommendati...
      • lucifer
      • ruaok: want to try this one ? ^
      • ruaok
        certainly has the right first entry. :)
      • JAnguita is looks promising for sure. what is different about this list?
      • lucifer
        only keep artists which you have listened at least 25 times.
      • set all others to 0.
      • so kinda similarity on only top artists.
      • the query used to select listens for this similarity.
      • ruaok
      • ok, I just wanna listen to the top tracks of JAnguita, but I'll move on and look at others.
      • lucifer: this is pretty good. I think we should deffo keep both
      • lucifer
        both as in recording and top artist similarity?
      • ruaok
        also, I wonder if we should try interweave both types based on local or global similarity
      • yes
      • lucifer
        sure that's possible. i guess we could combine both lists keep the row with higher global similarity if a user is in both lists. order on local similarity or global similarity? we don't assign ranks on similarity so either way should be fine.
      • ruaok
        I think we should try both and see how they shake out.
      • lucifer
        sure, i'll work on getting this in LB and then we can work on combining both.
      • ruaok: when you have time, comments on https://github.com/metabrainz/listenbrainz-serv... . i am fine with monkey's suggestion of just searching for entity name. your sugggestions?
      • ruaok: monkey: i think even if we don't use it for playing stuff, having the recording mbids around would be a good idea. because everything else in LB has a recording mbid or a msid that is linked to a mbid.
      • monkey
        One issue I can think of is that some of the front-end functionality detects the presence of a recording_mbid, such as pins, recommendations, "open in MB", (soon) love/hate feeback, etc.
      • Which might lead to some unintended side-effects
      • lucifer
        i see that can be a issue indeed. we can keep recording mbid and work around that but not worth the trouble imo. i'll remove recording mbids.
      • monkey
        I'd say if you do think of a use for the rec_mbids on other entities we can think about how to go around that. A simple field prop on the listenCard (an "artist","recording","release" enum for example) could be an easy way.
      • lucifer
        yeah agreed. the issue i do not have a use case for recording mbid :) just adding it in case we need it in future.
      • *issue is
      • akshaaatt
        Hola monkey!
      • monkey
        Hi !