• yvanzo
        I’m not sure why BrainzBot remains silent when mentioning this ticket either.
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      • alastairp
        yvanzo: that's a known bug, monkey and I were making some changes to brainzbot yesterday and today and something broke with python + jira's https certificate + cert validation, I'll look at it tomorrow
      • akshaaatt
        monkey can you please review https://github.com/metabrainz/listenbrainz-serv... I'll pace this once this has been merged
      • yvanzo
        alastairp: the certificate has been updated 10 days ago.
      • alastairp
        yvanzo: right. The vm is running Ubuntu 14.04 and python 2.7, so it might be that gandi has a new root which it doesn’t recognise, and it only became a problem after we restarted the process
      • we have a pending task to upgrade python and the va
      • vm
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      • yvanzo
        zas, reosarevok, bitmap: stopped sir, try to reindex recordings again.
      • lucifer
        monkey: looks good. fine to merge then i think.
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      • atj
        Ubuntu 14.04!
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      • reosarevok
        Windows 3.1!
      • tandy1000
        in the future it will be interesting to have huesound return albums which are near neighbours to a user's music taste to make it more useful
      • once lb's collaborative filtering is up to scratch
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      • yvanzo
        no error with reindex so far, will check it again tomorrow.
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      • BrainzGit
        [listenbrainz-server] 14MonkeyDo merged pull request #1986 (03master…hide-feed-events-fe): Hide Events Frontend https://github.com/metabrainz/listenbrainz-serv...
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