• CatQuest
      • ill e taking a little break from bookbrainz relationship writing to work on instrument stuff this week. but I will want to talk about some stuff before I start working on author-edition and the publicist relatinos (I also have a set of series-other entity ideas I'll be working with too)
      • eventually I'll also submit a norwegian translation of the current relatinoships (and I advocat anyone else to o it too - i fingure that I could just reply to the two 503 and 504 tickets with a comment that is a transaltion of the parts)
      • also, I have borrowed my libraries every loving edition of "jurassic Park" by cricton. in addition I have the norwegian edition myself as well as a "book based on the movie" thing for kids
      • I intend on adding these and filling these up with alla the relationships and such, to eventually be useful as examples in documentation
      • eventually I can even add some series and translations of the lost world (wich for some reason my mother had bought years ago :D)