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      • reosarevok
      • (in many cases anyway, there might be a reason for *some* fields not to submit with Enter but I'd need to be convinced case by case)
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      • Mr_Monkey
        For free text forms we won't want enter to submit, that's the easy example.
      • For the fancy search selects we use that allow to write text (that alias language select for example), using spacebar to select isn't available (the user can input text) and they use enter to open the select and confirm the selection of an item.
      • For all other fields, I don't see why not. I hadn't realized they weren't behaving like standard inputs.
      • I think the issue is that each section in the edit page is a separate component, and they are not part of one single parent <form> html element, which should trigger the normal behavior.
      • reosarevok
        Free text forms are perfectly fine for enter to submit *except* the ones where you want multilines. Say, name? enter to submit. Annotation? no.
      • Mr_Monkey
        Yes, we're on the same page.
      • CatQuest
      • btw. Mr_Monkey looking at tickets I think ww need a "badge/achievement" component
      • also a a "search" one
      • another thing i thought of was to make all tickets about problems with search, subtickets of a master "fix elasticsearch" ticket
      • Mr_Monkey: isn't this https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/BB-461 basically the same as https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/BB-486 (although mine is a bit more general imho)