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Help for #bookbrainz


Logs all activity.

I keep extensive logs on all the activity in #bookbrainz. You can read and search them at http://chatlogs.metabrainz.org/brainzbot/bookbrainz/.


Notifies people of the excellent work they are doing.

Let me know who is doing good work:

!m BrainzBot

And I will promptly notify them:

You are doing good work BrainzBot



More advanced version of the brainz plugin using the new listens_to_regex_command decorator.

Remembers and recalls arbitrary information.

To have me remember something for you, ask me in this format:

remember thing=stuff I need to remember

When you want me to recall the information, ask me in this format:

recall thing

I will prompty respond to your request with:

stuff I need to remember

To make me forget something use

forget thing

To display all the things I've remembered use



JIRA issue lookup

Returns the description of a JIRA Issue