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Help for #metabrainz


Notifies people of the excellent work they are doing.

Let me know who is doing good work:

!m BrainzBot

And I will promptly notify them:

You are doing good work BrainzBot



Logs all activity.

I keep extensive logs on all the activity in #metabrainz. You can read and search them at http://chatlogs.metabrainz.org/brainzbot/metabrainz/.


Simple ping test.

Curious if I'm still listening? If you say:

BrainzBot: ping

I'll reply to let you know I'm still here.


Github pull lookup

Looking for the url of an pull or a list of pulls:

To store an abbreviation for a repo use:

BrainzBot: GH:=

This assumes the IRC bot is named BrainzBot. The 'metabrainz/' organization name is hardcoded, you only need the repo name itself.

To retrieve a PR simply use:

# — For example: MB#1234

For multiple pull requests, use:

#,, — For example: MB#1234,5678,91011

Note: The lookup is limited to 5 issues.


More advanced version of the brainz plugin using the new listens_to_regex_command decorator.

Remembers and recalls arbitrary information.

To have me remember something for you, ask me in this format:

remember thing=stuff I need to remember

When you want me to recall the information, ask me in this format:

recall thing

I will prompty respond to your request with:

stuff I need to remember

To make me forget something use

forget thing

To display all the things I've remembered use



A basic proposal voting plugin.

To start a vote, use the startvote command:

startvote optional_name

By default, this makes a simple, boolean vote, where voters can either vote for, against, or abstain.

You can pass in options:

startvote optional_name [option1, option2, option3, ...]

Keep in mind that only one vote can be run at a time.

There are two main ways to vote:

1) Explicitly, using the “vote” command:

vote +1

If you pass in just an option name here, it'll be taken to mean you’re for it.

2) Implicitly:


Here, the symbol in front is required.

You can always abstain from any vote using the “abstain” command, or voting with “”. If you want to delete your votes altogether, use the “cancelvotes” command.

To print a representation of the number of votes currently made for each option, use the “countvotes”.

Finally, to end a vote, use the “endvote” command.


JIRA issue lookup

Returns the description of a JIRA Issue