2017-10-25 29807, 2017

      • CatQuest
        sigh. I wish people would post a link to the instrument speaking of, when creating tickets like "add this and this alias"
      • 2017-10-14 28741, 2017

      • BrainzBot
        MBS-9018: Instrument alias: New Type.
      • 2017-09-04 24757, 2017

      • CatQuest
        also Y is the alias language dropdown not a search for it drop-down like the instruments are? others: relationships roles in general, and country for releases
      • 2017-01-02 00240, 2017

      • like, regular add instrument ask are really fast and easy, but the alias ones are harder for me
      • (I was thinking maybe the other instrument alias userscript too)
      • 2016-09-26 27012, 2016

      • the hope is that once autumn vacation comes, I'll (after I sober up and polish of my backlog😿🙀)have time for some instruments 𝑎𝑛𝑑 write up that userscript alias thing post on com.meb.org (unless someone beats me to it by then(hint😽hint))
      • 2016-09-12 25642, 2016

      • and it would thus insert edits with adding alias of norwegian, swedish and japanese with official yes and type instrument name, and a second one for japanese; official no, and type search hint.
      • I wanted to ask about this: would it be possible for someone to write a small userscript for me that would do the following: given a list of names, comma/whatever delimited with set commands, create a set of "add alias to instrument" edits.
      • 2016-07-31 21313, 2016

      • also I hope someone can write some sort of alias adder script that can take just a string of aliases (with maybe some words for additional options) so adding all the aliases to instruments wont be such an ardeous task