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      • labaxter
        I just received the latest Dave's Picks Grateful Dead CD set.  There are no disc id's for the cds in this set. but the release, with the correct tracks ARE on musicbrain.  MDID=8eeda1b8-f99e-4b1c-8895-e11224f81304 (URL=https://musicbrainz.org/release/8eeda1b8-f9... I can't for the life of me figure out how to attach the
      • diskID to each CD so that the cdripper can find it on musicbrainz.  When I search for this release after trying to attach I disk ID in picard, I get the message "None of the mediums on this release can have the given CD TOC attached, because they have the wrong number of tracks."  True, in that there are 4 CDs in this set, and the MBID record
      • show that.  How can I select each CD to attach the disc ID to?
      • derwin
        you're asking in a fine place, but I don't know the answer
      • that said, I don't get what you're saying
      • "none of the mediums ... [has the right number of tracks]" seems pretty unambiguous?
      • how many tracks are in the CD TOC that you're trying to attach?
      • what's with the ">" characters in track names?
      • labaxter
        So, there are 4 CDs.  I have the first in the CD drive.  It has the same tracklist as is listed for CD1 on MB.  I don't want to attach the CD to the entire release. I want to attach the CDid to the first CD in the list.  And then do the same for the other 3CDs so my CD ripper, can find the metadata.  But I can't figure out how to attache the
      • CDid to each CD in the release.
      • *attach*
      • Oh, the ">" refers to the fact that the tracks are continuous.  For example, on this release CD2 starts with Bertha... and goes into  a Jam, that ends with the begining of the second Track "Good Loving"  the band didn't stop playing, but each song is a separate track on the CD.  So, if one's play does not pause between tracks, you actually hear
      • what the audience heard.
      • The band was know of playing songs, and jamming to the next song... especially in second sets.
      • ">" is a standard indication of that in the GD song lists.
      • crism
        labaxter, what tool (what software, program) are you using to try to attach the disc ID to the medium in MusicBrainz?
      • labaxter
        picard, which sends me to an MB webpage... they is where the message comes from.
      • That is the page on my browser.
      • So, OF COURSE the number of tracks is wrong because it appears I have no way to selecting the specific CD number in the listing.  If I you can tell me how to do that, I'd be on my way.
      • crism
        I see, the message is “None of the mediums on this release can have the given CD TOC attached, because they have the wrong number of tracks.”
      • labaxter
        uh huh
      • crism
        Note that it says “none of the *mediums*…”
      • So, it doesn’t think disc 1 actually lines up.
      • (Really should be “media”…)
      • labaxter
        That is incorrect though... it does line up.
      • I checked
      • (for CD1)
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      • And I'm pretty sure the the remaining CDs
      • remember, 4 CDs in the release
      • And that is what you see in the MB release.
      • One just need to attach the CDID to each of the CDs in the release
      • If I start to create a whole other entry you'll have duplicate entries
      • crism
        The TOC you’re submitting looks a little weird to me… (and I see 5 HDCDs in that release).
      • labaxter
      • AH... I wondered about that... it's not  a CD. This appears to be a list of all the tracks on the first 3 CDs, the tracks of CD4 are missing.  I would say that list does NOT belong as a CD.
      • crism
        The TOC you’re submitting really wants to be for a 13-track listing.
      • The Portland Paramount show disc 1 has 11 tracks…
      • How many tracks do you see on disc 1?
      • labaxter
        Damn... that tracklist is actually missing two tracks! (bertha and Good Lovin)
      • crism
        Well, there’s your problem!
      • I would create a new release within the release group.
      • labaxter
        (12 and 13)
      • crism
        It seems like a Rhino release probably doesn’t have that much variance… but the existing release seems kinda broken, if your info is correct.
      • labaxter
      • crism
        Never mind the disc 5 that you say doesn’t even exist.
      • You should be able to reuse the recordings from the current release.
      • labaxter
        it does not exist.
      • But now I see that there are two missing tracks in CD1
      • Let be check the others.
      • Let *me*
      • crism
        Looking at the edit history creating this release, it looks like it was a messy beginner effort… your choices are to clean it up, start fresh, or give up. )-:
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      • labaxter
        Oh shit tracks 12-13 are listed on CD2
      • crism
        There is an open edit to remove disc 5.
      • You may want to just vote on the open edits and wait for the dust to settle before trying to tag these discs. Looks like it just came out.
      • labaxter
        It's wrong between CD3 and CD4 too!
      • it did, a week ago
      • last two tracks on CD3 are shown on CD4... that is wrong.
      • How do I vote on the edits.
      • crism
        Take a look at https://musicbrainz.org/release/8eeda1b8-f99e-4... — there should be edit vote buttons on each open edit.
      • labaxter
        Ok... thanks
      • yea... big problems.
      • crism
        np… sorry you stumbled into this mess!
      • labaxter
        Thanks for the reference to the vote.  I voted.  Now I'll wait a week and see what happens.
      • MB is awesome, and your support is awesome. Thank you.
      • aerozol
        !m labaxter
      • BrainzBot
        You're doing good work, labaxter!
      • aerozol
        !m crism
      • BrainzBot
        You're doing good work, crism!
      • aerozol
        Back from a wedding, settle in, edit some MB… man it really is a comfort zone isn’t it :P
      • derwin
        18:43 < labaxter> Damn... that tracklist is actually missing two tracks! (bertha and Good Lovin)
      • (nice, I figured that message was very specific, heh..)
      • the existing release looks kinda broken in general, heh, yeah.
      • aerozol
        Check out ‘open edits’ on that release for some real good spaghetti!
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      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        I'd figure that since it's been recently released someone had added it *before* it had released, and now it's a mess (remember kids, it's not cool to add pre-releases just *because* you wanna yell "first" :P)
      • duncan
        there are several editors who add all of taylor swift's pre-announced titles which then turn out to be wrong and it takes them a week to fix it anyway
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      • cherryblossom
        Does this count as a translated release? The track list has the Korean title with the English translation in parentheses e.g. ‘북극성 (Polaris)’ https://musicbrainz.org/release/3440b201-2393-4...
      • I want to add Apple Music/Spotify/Deezer etc. releases for this release group but am not sure whether to add these links to the release linked above or add them separately
      • because the releases on streaming platforms have the translated tracklist (except for the Korea Apple Music release which has the Korean tracklist)
      • yvanzo
        Hi cherryblossom. Usually if it has the same tracklist, you can use the same release.
      • (for digital release)
      • cherryblossom
        It’s not the same tracklist though
      • E.g. on Spotify the track is ‘Polaris’
      • I’m also not sure what to do because the release I linked is from Bandcamp and doesn’t have a UPC
      • yvanzo
        So make a different release as it is not the same tracklist.
      • cherryblossom
        Ok thanks
      • yvanzo
        The situation is pretty blurry about this for now.
      • The two releases can be merged if it becomes clear later on that these should be the same release.
      • cherryblossom
        Would the ‘translated track listing of’ relationship be appropriate here
      • I guess it has the English translation
      • But it also has the original Korean title
      • yvanzo
      • If you want the Korean only, you can also enter a pseudo release and link it to the release with the two languages.
      • (I should set my system to display Hangul characters by the way...)
      • cherryblossom
      • yvanzo
        cherryblossom: I just entered https://musicbrainz.org/edit/96760016
      • cherryblossom
        Thanks so much for the help
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