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      • Lotheric_
        aerozol, you really need to switch timezones, it's kinda funny (and sad?) to see you speak to yourself in #metabrainz hehe :)
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      • aerozol
        hahaha thanks Lotheric_ 🥲
      • On the other hand, sometimes it’s good to just have the experts (expert) in the room ;)
      • Lotheric
        haha true
      • less noise in the room, more space for thoughts
      • helps the design process!
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      • CatQuest
        no it isn't i like having people around timezones :P
      • morena aerozol !
      • Erin
        the funny thing about experts
      • if you've ever been "the expert" in a room
      • ...i have
      • and it's terrifying
      • because im not /an/ expert
      • so it's astounding to be /the/ expert
      • >.>
      • CatQuest
        ah man, at school, whenever there was a computer thing i was "the computer" person
      • and like.. i'm not omg
      • Erin
        the more experience you have, the more you realize how much we just dont know
      • CatQuest
      • Erin
        my company is on the cutting edge of ai
      • and it's .... so goddam stupid
      • CatQuest
        !recall oh no.
      • BrainzBot
      • Erin
        quantum computing is like that too
      • it seems like wizardry
      • and the people in the field know soooo mcuh
      • CatQuest
        quantum computing interests me a lot!
      • Erin
        ....but they're borderline useless
      • there's just so much more information ahead of us than behind us as to make it seem, once you learn enough about a subject, like we barely know a thing
      • >.>
      • CatQuest
        head example: the more you learn about colour and what it actually *is*
      • i know about electron states and.. it's jsut
      • wtf is colour even
      • Erin
        color is just a wavelength
      • of a photon
      • CatQuest
        oh but it's so much more :D
      • Erin
      • perhaps
      • you might describe it as our perception of said wavelength
      • CatQuest
        and the photon is created by electrons dropping or increasing states
      • Erin
        given that we can see things that dont exist
      • ah but
      • CatQuest
        or knocked loose or whatever
      • Erin
        what it is .... is not defined by how it comes about
      • it remains photons with various properties
      • simply sourced one way or another
      • yes, energy states can do the thing
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      • but that is how it is made
      • not what it is
      • CatQuest
        not ot menation that photon scew thing wich i don't know how to say in english. where observed photon states are set if one is observed
      • Erin
        uncertainty principle?
      • oh wait no
      • you're talking about that
      • CatQuest
        uh. it's more *certanty* but i don't know what it's called in english. only learned it in norwegian :D
      • Erin
        no i was thinking of something else
      • i know what you mean
      • CatQuest
      • Erin
      • the reason that doesnt make sense
      • is because ... we're thinking about it wrong
      • we try to approximate the idea
      • by saying the photon is in all possible places at once
      • with varying probability
      • until needed
      • but that's ... just our grade school explanation
      • it's more like
      • a photon is an excitation of the electromagnetic field
      • CatQuest
        my idea is that photons are wack. also they move at the speed of light . wich is impossible. so time dilation will make time stand completely still in the ov of a photon
      • Erin
        and as such
      • several things occur
      • first, the photon is not in several places at once
      • it is not in any
      • the photon is not the "thing"
      • the field is
      • CatQuest
        and THEN there is string theory
      • Erin
        and the field simply permeates a region
      • and when interacted iwth
      • it excites
      • this explains other elmeents too
      • like bose einstein condensates
      • where cooling things down enough causes them to coalesce
      • CatQuest
        but that's not true either. photons (and indeed electrons (and larger things too probably if the physics had allowed it to be observed)) have both matter and wave characteristica
      • Erin
        what's really happening is that we removed so much energy that the field cannot excite as much
      • well
      • not matter
      • particle
      • matter has mass
      • particles just ... are
      • CatQuest
        uh well i am trasnalting form norwegian here
      • Erin
      • but yes, a photon does particle things
      • and is excited by the field
      • CatQuest
        and it's been like 5 years or more sicne i faffed with this
      • realy wish I could have continued with physics. it really shock up my world whne i learned about Newton and *force* and wtf it was
      • Erin
        this is also how tunneling can be explained
      • the thing doesnt teleport
      • it doesnt go through other things
      • it simply reverts to a field form, and then excites
      • it makes sense, in a way
      • if you can think of something as both there ... and not there
      • or there ... in a more ... representative fashion
      • CatQuest
        heiseberg comes ot mind? lol
      • Erin
      • well the interaction that provides the information about one property?
      • that is an interaction with the field
      • so by doing that
      • perhaps the field is being altered
      • perhaps "observation" is a relevant interaction with the local field
      • such that it acts in an input/output capacity, capable of both extracting information [and energy], and imparting the same
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      • but the core of what im getting at is called "wave particle duality"
      • wave is just a ... low information term
      • that basically refers to the field
      • actually
      • come to think of it
      • ...the idea of things as fields until needed as particles would explain the whole "reality is not locally real" thing that was recently given a nobel prize
      • although it does leave open the question of what makes something a worthy observer
      • derwin
        21:44 < Erin> because im not /an/ expert
      • 21:44 < Erin> so it's astounding to be /the/ expert
      • Erin
      • i am being quoted o.o
      • scary
      • derwin
        "you may be 'a' doctor... but I'm 'the' doctor... the definite article, you might say" https://youtu.be/K3CWXqUqPFA?t=34
      • Erin
        ah, the cheesy acting of british tv
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      • but now, sleep o/
      • AryaLanjewar
        can anyone help me with this
      • i am trying to setup the musicbrainz environment and i am getting this error:
      • 0h00m00s 0/0: : ERROR: There are no scenarios; must have at least one.
      • when I run this command:
      • ./script/compile_resources.sh
      • derwin
        I first heard the above quote in "PJ Ladd's Wonderful Horrible Life" ftr
      • AryaLanjewar: you're in a decent place to ask this, though #metabrainz might be slightly better
      • AryaLanjewar: but to answer your question "I don't know"
      • AryaLanjewar
        oh! my bad
      • I will go to metabrainz
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      • aerozol
        “i am being quoted o.o” - Erin, expert, 2023-01-03