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      • ruaok
        this looks interesting: https://github.com/ulid/spec
      • ruaok wishes he was 35c3
      • that's be nicer than san diego.
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      • thefar8[m]
        george c1e0: check your email
      • :p
      • c1e0
        c1e0: Holy sh*t!
      • Uggh. I'm so excited that I'm accidentally mentioning myself. :D
      • thefar8[m]
      • Congrats c1e0 and george
      • c1e0
        thefar8: Thank you.
      • thefar8[m]
        happy for you guys (and have a nice trip on June/July) :)
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      • c1e0
        Thanks to all the mentors as well. It's been fun. :D :D :D
      • thefar8[m]
        yeah it's been fun :)
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      • travis-ci
        Project bookbrainz-data-js build #952: passed in 2 min 43 sec: https://travis-ci.org/bookbrainz/bookbrainz-dat...
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      • antara
        c1e0, george: congratulations!!!
      • enjoy the trip :)
      • it's been really awesome being here :)
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      • Leo_Verto[m]
        ruaok: maybe next year? We could have a MeB assembly!
      • Leipzig is pretty cool but the walking distances can get pretty high and there are fewer wall plugs and ethernet jacks around
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      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        congrats george, c1e0, thefar8[m], antara
      • VxJasonxV^
        are there plans for allowing genres to be free-form later? Music that I curate (Konami's Bemani music game soundtrack releases) have… … "creative" genre names.
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        afaik, genres will eventually be own entities, not unlike areas or instruments
      • VxJasonxV^
        those both being source code level curated items, yes?
      • e.g. "whitelisted", essentially?
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        ehh i don't know. you ask reosarevok about that :D
      • oh
      • right
      • uhm well yes
      • but not jsut tat
      • i mena for instruments i do research to find out if it really counts
      • VxJasonxV^
        some example genres: HAPPY HANDBAG, A.I.TECHNO, WINTER DANCE, and ANUBIS
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        sometimes research shows me that my prefrence is wrong and i have ot add it anyway :D
      • VxJasonxV^
        there are many one-offs, the vast majority of them are. just a handful of genres with reused genre names.
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        right, so are those separate genres or are they fun names for other genres?
      • ie aliases
      • so basically genre-credits
      • (I think genre credits wil solve a pretty big problem, maybe)
      • VxJasonxV^
        I have no idea. I guess technically the latter? But hell if I'm going to debate which genre should be the underlying canonical one.
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        i menain peopel thinking that a genre is so and such
      • perhaps have jsut a spesific list then
      • VxJasonxV^
        Personally I would like two genres per track in these cases. One for a common name, one for a given name.
      • the common name can be contested, the given name shouldn't be.
      • I grant you that this is an edge case, we're talking maybe 40-50 releases with this information, officially, tops
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        sounds like "some genre as (other funny name) type credits ot me? :D)
      • VxJasonxV^
        sort of, but not explicitly for that reason
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
      • but it coudl be used like that
      • VxJasonxV^
        Konami has created genre names for all of nearly all of their songs in the beatmania IIDX and pop'n music series
      • there's also the "djuk" drama of whatever metal band that was.
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        thing is: "funnyname" cna eventually actually become a thing
      • something like generalised bradname contra brandnames on isntruments
      • i won't add separate brandname gibson guitar
      • VxJasonxV^
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        but for electronic synths the type might actually be expereinced as a separate instrument
      • like we have "moog"
      • becasue moog is a separate thing
      • this is a definition thing. not unliek genre
      • so you'l lhave to make some styleguide aobut "hen is is considered a spearate genre"
      • VxJasonxV^
        oh, here's a good way to express it
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        and yea, thats the issue with genre, becasue it's all "peopel decide"
      • VxJasonxV^
        check out http://popn.solidstatesquad.com/viewgame.php?ga... for example. The headers above the colored boxes are: Genre / Track title / artist.
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        but honestly, it's not much different with instruments. a lot of it is touch and go not hard evidence
      • VxJasonxV^
        In the pop'n music world, every single song has a unique genre name, hence Classic 6, Classic 7, etc. Each classic minimix track has gotten an incremented "Classic #" genre name.
      • if you click one of the song names, you will see the song track art, which lists genre/artist, not title/artist
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        thne the task becomes rather to figure out the semantical *actual* genre
      • if every single trakc has a separate "genre" thne is that really *genre* and not just.. idk, alternate trackname
      • like, are every single one of these songs markedly differnt is genre?
      • like this one "1 ANGEL / V.C.O. featuring Alt"
      • what is it to soudn like? guitars, music
      • not what they say it is, what does it *sound* like
      • (differnt people wil lsay differnt things ofcourse)
      • VxJasonxV^
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        eh i can't really open youtube urls right now
      • it's konami so japanese right?
      • VxJasonxV^
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        for a dancing game or something?
      • VxJasonxV^
        it's techno pop, purely synth/digital instruments
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        then that's.. the gnere?
      • then that's.. the gnere?.d
      • eh
      • genre :D
      • techno pop
      • that "A.I. Techno" part
      • VxJasonxV^
        IMO it's general genre is techno pop, but no, "purists would say" its genre is A.I. Techno
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        it's jsut a funny name for "techno pop"
      • well it can have any tag it wants
      • and eventually perhaps the AI techno becomes an alias of techno pop
      • but if it's used only for one song ever...
      • VxJasonxV^
        that's my conundrum in a nutshell :P
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        well it's like.. if I was going to do it as an instrument. if it was an instrument. I'd just add the name as an alias on "synth pop" and leave it as that and people could use whatever as an genre "credit" but the genre is "synth pop"
      • VxJasonxV^
        synth pop is probably an even better genre than techno pop
      • maybe. but again, that's the conundrum
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        fortiunatly it cna have the genre techon pop AND synth pop
      • VxJasonxV^
        the base genre is so highly variable, but the give genre is very settled and able to be exactingly referenced
      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
      • well you have folksonomy tags :)
      • this thing does soudn liek a thing, but it honestly doesnt soudn like a "what we mena when we say genre" thing
      • it's a differnt thing
      • it's alabel on what the makes of the song call it
      • a comment
      • (perosnally don't see the point if literally every singel one has a difernt "genre", but)
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      • like, are there other songs in that list you'd call 2synth opo" that osudns like ANGEL?
      • like if i liek that song, i'll liek this other song too probably?
      • it has the same bps and the same groove and stuff
      • same.. actual genre
      • the purpose of genre is that some stuff is the smae as other stuff.. enough ot be similar in the same way. liek i'm listening to a DOMM albumversion of "dark side of the moon"
      • so it's "doom side of the moon" :D
      • idk if it really soudns lie kdoom doom, but it's that album and it's heavy
      • it's doom-y
      • to positive for doom doom
      • but they clal it doom so it's doom
      • so you have a sort of label that may or may not actulaly semantically literally fit the gnere depending on what peopel athe selves actually think and feel