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      • monkey
        ansh: Sorry I forgot to respond this morning. Did you figure out the issue? If that was using a DB dump I would assume the role postgres should exist, not sure otherwise how you got that message
      • ansh
        it worked after changing the user to "bookbrainz" here : https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-site/b...
      • monkey
        What is the full error in the server logs? Where is the error thrown?
      • ansh
      • monkey
        No, I mean the logs in the console should have more info on which file the rror is thrown in
      • Because we have a lot of `.filter(…` in the codebase !
      • ansh
      • these are the logs in the console
      • monkey
        Right, looks like you need to reindex first, especially if you haven't done it before
      • ansh
        How to do that ?
      • monkey
        Try hitting the `/search/reindex` endpoint after adding your user name in `src/server/routes/search.js` on line 146
      • In the `trustedUsers` array
      • The indexing will take a little while
      • Maybe a couple of minutes
      • ansh
      • monkey
        Good good ! I'm adding those instructions to the BB developer guide
      • Shubh
        monkey CatQuest: would love your thoughts on current unified form, also let me know if there's any feature that should added :)
      • CatQuest: you can access new form through https://test.bookbrainz.org/create
      • CatQuest
        ok 1. thing: megaslow. each keystroke brings spinning beachball(hang) (EXCEPT language typing and selection :D)
      • including any button push (so adding another artist will also cause delay)
      • 2: can't remove an empty author credit (so the edited credit which now is , with & after the last one) has to be manually edited
      • selecting an author will let me remove it, but artist credit doesn't go back to what I except (&)
      • (also sorry I should have tested AC before but i only cursory did so)
      • 3: I really like that isbn is on the page, *AND* that the "add identifiers" are now a button at the end which inspires one to actually click it, instead of forgetting
      • however I think th "identifier editor" could easily be on the page? see how eg, urls are added on mb
      • but that's not a huge thing at all. actually not
      • I will note that this will break my workflow because i tend ot edit the annotation first and copy the isbn and barcode *from* there and paste into isbn. but this is still a big improvement (expect for the extremely slow keystroke thing)
      • oh here is an issue after adding a barcode it and closingig the identifier box it doesnt actually show on the page (under isbn, as i had expected)
      • I don't think the works adding box is agood. it's not exactly easy realise that i cna clci kin the box after i have added a work and see that i cna start typing again.
      • insteadi'd show this like the current relationships, or like identifers/aliases
      • one box for each
      • it's not clear in the popup that boxes can be clicked to be expanded
      • things like basic and details should always be expanded or we are going ot get a WHOLE lot of just blank works
      • works boxpopup has isses with the language dowpdown causing hanging after selecting a language
      • infact if the popupxo had less space to b "boxed" it would on the whole be lesstall in the first place
      • typing is excruciating. i must say
      • i mena i type a sentence and i cna go here and type this while i wait for the browser and whatnot to finish actually that sentence
      • it's not doen yet
      • I mean... it's taking mnutes. not seconds
      • also I would except "details" tab before works
      • and it should be always expanded not even collapsed. what's the point of even making it collapsible if we have tabs?
      • ... expanded all the boxes in the work box earleir. gonig to try maknig another work and they are now collapsed again. not good, having ot re-open all these boxes *EVERY* time i want ot add a work is a huge pita
      • (nothing too ,that they should always be expanded, in my oppinion)
      • pasting a text in the works box doesn't search. so I have to type/remove a letter to get it to react
      • closing the add work box witotuh adding a work (the x button) isrelaly slow and hangs the browser
      • there is no option to create a new work if i enter a word that excists as a work (like "test" wich has a few works already)
      • disambiguiations aren't showed in the dropdowns. it should + probably author links as well
      • language doropdown on details continue to be slow
      • clicking away fro mth page will remove the dropdown but clicking towards the page again will repopup the dropdown (this is an issue becasue i was going for "format" and it's directly below and i ended up selectnganother language inadvertedly)
      • does format and status really need searchable drowdowns? status has like 2 options anyway
      • I'm sure not just having boring html dropdowns for these adds to code complxiy for no good reason
      • annotation on details tab doesnt lag as much as the works creating one
      • the design of th whole thing I like quite a lot. (other thna i woul want annotation next ot identifiers im usecase)
      • i would put the details right after basic and works after that
      • the last overview+note is useful but the data shown there should be the stuff yo untered, not just "what new things2 it looks like our reviews library (wich is notoriusly bad) which needs another overhaul by far
      • to sum up, this is really good! I liek that things are more left aligned in general!
      • the add works tab is what needs more. heh "work"
      • i susspct that the works popup is so significantly slower because it loads everything in the same page/thing
      • i wonder if having a thing wher yo ucna add works, theri name language and type in just a smal lthinger. and thne add the authors *on the works tab* like you would add links woudl be better
      • see how mb's relationship editor looks
      • you don't add relationships in the "add $entity" popup
      • it'd be fine wih not doing that
      • instead having one box eac for works (like identities) and then you could.. say have checkboxes and batch add "author" links to hme straight for mthe works tab
      • as well as individually adding thme as needed
      • see "add relatinoships" editor on release on mb
      • for what i'm thinknig of
      • ansh
        monkey: Can we return edition group types, work types etc... on the search endpoint? We can display these on the CB search page
      • CatQuest
        I'd definitely be for showing more data on search results!
      • Shubh
        CatQuest: Thanks for the detailed feedback, really appreciated!
      • About performance issues, i can understand since form state got so much complex handling different type of entities, will try my best to improve on that
      • monkey is back in front of keyboard
      • monkey
        Shubh: I forgot to update the PR from master, so that could mayyyybe explain some of the slowness of some part of the state?
      • Shubh
        also about having identifier editor inline, not sure about that. i think keeping tabs minimal is way to go, monkey your thoughts?
      • monkey
        I have to read the whole feedback first but I'm in the middle of something, can comment tomorrow
      • Shubh
        monkey: can't say, as CatQuest said it is due to keystrokes which might be triggering costly state updates thereby causing slowdown
      • monkey
        ansh: the results currently do return the type, but only th id of the type and not it's label string
      • Shouldn't be hard to add
      • Shubh
        CatQuest: how about showing identifiers count like we have for entity editor?
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      • CatQuest: are you sure pasting text on add works field not triggering a search?
      • also disambiguation does show on options (which have disambiguation that is)
      • 7:28 PM <CatQuest> clicking away fro mth page will remove the dropdown but clicking towards the page again will repopup the dropdown.
      • i'm not sure if i understand it correctly...
      • CatQuest: what do you think should we include in summary section apart from name of new entity
      • also from batch add "authors" to works, you mean having a checkbox to copy all edition's author (AC) to that work?
      • monkey
        Mm, we can't do that, ACs don't apply to Works. But if there is only one author in the AC that could be doable
      • Shubh
        not exactly AC, but linking those authors (from edition AC) using "author wrote work" to work
      • monkey
        Right. And so if there are multiple authors in the AC you just add multiple relationships I guess?
      • Shubh
      • monkey
        I think that would be convenient (but definitely needs an action from the user -for example as you say a checkbox)
      • Shubh
        Hmm, maybe allowing user to remove some author if they want using relationship editor