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      • Shubh
        Hey monkey!
      • monkey waves
      • monkey: do you think those enzyme test should be more strict?, since most of components are reused from entity editor i thought adding including them in uf test would be redundant.
      • monkey
        I haven't done any work since Thursday, haven't had time to look at the tests yet.
      • I should have a bit of time in the coming days since I need to do the GSoC paperwork, so I can have a quick look then and let you know
      • Generally I agree we can test individual components (name section, etc) which are more important.
      • Then we can see what other sort of test we would need if any for the whome uf and or for the whole entity editor per entity. I'm guessing not a lot needed
      • Shubh
        then I will be adding test for entity-editor's components as well
      • monkey
        I guess mostly making sure all the sections and props are there that we expect
      • Shubh
        also i'm thinking of adding series, starting with work series in contents tab giving ability to user to select work to be include in that series. (series either created/selected).
      • monkey
        I think that would be a very good addition. Not sure we need other entity series
      • Shubh
        also for summary section, i'm thinking of adding a modal which open when user click on the entity name showing all entity details?
      • monkey
        Shubh: good idea!
      • CatQuest
        Shubh: hi, I will test, but not today (late) and not tomorrow (have an appointment with doctor, and on wednesday the weather is nice so I will be going to ocean and bath if I can)
      • depending on how things pan out tomorrow I can test later in the day or early in the morning if i wake up early.. *please* ping me about it tomorrow (if you do not it's likly that itwill not happen until thursday)
      • ok so change of plans. i tested it RIGHT NOW
      • and..
      • it's awesome!!!
      • it's snappier and easier to use than the current beta !
      • 🎉🎊
      • one isue:i can't seem to actually submit it
      • it's litterally grayd out and i can't clic knext after "contens" tab
      • thre is no errors saying anything else
      • .. ok found out: it's because the "author credit" is not filled in. this shouldn't block adding. this is a magazine it doesnt *have* a spesific author credited
      • at the very least it shoudl give an error
      • ....
      • i get error: Submission Error: Undefined binding(s) detected when compiling SELECT. Undefined column(s): [bookbrainz.entity.bbid] query: select "bookbrainz"."entity".* from "bookbrainz"."entity" where "bookbrainz"."entity"."bbid" = ? limit ?
      • nope tried everything. I've added 3 works, some rels to those works, ec...
      • cant add this
      • .. what does "copy authors from AC for this work" do? will it copy the ac in the editor into rels on works?
      • I mean, works can't have ac
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