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      • CatQuest
        hmm so the "type" dropdown in the "create a work" popup in the "add a book" routine has no way to unset it
      • this is bad because if i accidnetally set it and it turn out that the type it is actually doesnt excist we get bad data
      • (or have to refresh in order to do it again)
      • also autoscrolling the page. when I access a popup somewhat lower on the page. is annoying. i 'd like an option to turn that off
      • I had typed in the title and sortname and disambiguation and then selcted the language to fill it in and the page scrolled automatically. i'd rather it didn't
      • actually it does this on work/create too. it's rather distracting actually
      • it actually scrolls and moves the contence of the ag evne if the dropdown is even a lttle bit lower down than centered or high up
      • that's.. unintuitive
      • "back in the day (starts being an old geezer)
      • the dropdows would go either up or down and be adapted ot the page. the page wouldn't adapt to the damn dropdowns!" (shaes fist)
      • :D
      • seriously mandatory author credit is bad
      • please make this optional (highly recomended with a "fill this out if yo ucna please" type thing. but don't prevent addition)
      • it will only make it necessary to create bogus artists like "anon" and "various" etc
      • it's also great if yo ucan add something and *then* later dit it do add more data/relationships/author credits an the like
      • honestly the only mandatory thing should be name and sortname
      • even language shouldn't be mandatory
      • (naturally badly added things can and will be merged/reporpused) but that's fine too
      • monkey
        There's something in the books for that last comment: https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-site/p...
      • Shubh
        monkey: Hey!
      • monkey
        Hi Shubh !
      • Shubh
        I'm getting not null error on entity views (logs above) after the deleting the entity, wondering if it because data id is null for the entity but not sure how it related with revision parent. any ideas?
      • monkey
        I'll try to have a look this week, I'm currently caught up in a nightmare of a react update for ListenBrainz…
      • Shubh
        Also i realized there was a issue with deleted entity on CB modal which was causing the crash (https://test.bookbrainz.org/author/d8c0956b-0ad...) so i will include the fix for this in the same PR (for deleted revision parent). I hope that sound sane.
      • monkey
        Yes please !
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      • Shubh
        monkey: this seems to be the culprit for not null error https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-site/b...
      • since deleted entity will have alias_set_id null, when we try to update entity modal it will trigger the process_entity trigger which will try to create new entity_data with null alias_set thus causing error
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