• kellnerd
        > "light novel" is not shown on the cover or in the book itself, but is on the publisher's website and storefronts.
      • Looks like disambiguation to me as well, cam1170
      • > does that mean we should put it in all caps?
      • IMO not, but as this is originally Japanese and Japanese has very specific excpetions on MB, I don't know for sure.
      • > The help page says "author wrote series" is a valid relationship, but that can't be created.
      • This relationship type does indeed not exist, I guess it should either be added or the graphic be changed to use a different rel type.
      • > Is there also not an "author edited work" relationship?
      • The English "edited" is very ambiguous, but I guess you mean a person who redacted a published work here? That would be a relationship at the edition level: https://bookbrainz.org/relationship-types/autho...
      • MonkeyPython
        in.. just a very short time I will get a new computer. I will then get a new browser, and I will fully dvelve myself into bookbrainz and bookbrainz style and developing the types. I will lresearch and create more relationships and improve the older one
      • kellnerd
        I was just about to ask whether you could fix BB-776 which annoys me for some time already :)
      • BrainzBot
        BB-776: "is copyright by" wording improvement https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/BB-776
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      • MonkeyPython
        absolutely. this and more!
      • just waiting for mess with my account card to finally fix it self augh. shoudl get it this week
      • that ticket is also worded very clearly, it will make it much easier to fix it
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      • cam1170
        Thanks for responding kellnerd, if I have anything else like this I'll ask in here, and make a note of it
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