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      • monkey[m]
        Looking very promising kellnerd ! Glad you didn't have to start from scratch in the end
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      • kellnerd[m]
        monkey: The [final bb-utils PR from GSoC 2023](https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-utils/pull/42) is still open by the way, would be good to get this merged before I have to touch that code again.
      • I think it should be pretty safe to merge, IIRC we have both tested the code and it is not used in production.
      • monkey[m]
        Thanks for the reminder, apparently have pending comments on it, will look this afternoon
      • Pending comment might be BS
      • kellnerd[m] is glad to have written down a [README](https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-utils/tree/master/importer#readme) about the DB setup
      • kellnerd[m]
        I had already forgotten how I did it and the existing migration files in bb-site are outdated.
      • By the way, the import tables do not exist in the production DB or do they? If not, it would be simpler to update the existing migration files with series and the new entity type names instead of creating another migration.
      • Only for the major change which combines the entity and import tables we would need a separate migration anyway.
      • kellnerd[m] uploaded an image: (273KiB) < https://matrix.chatbrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/RYByxkhnBTmqtnXbVJaCadiD/image.png >
      • Now that the series import tables and views exist, the recent imports page is also working.
      • Next steps for me will be testing the discard and approval options and you can look into the search indexing of imports whenever you find the time monkey.
      • I will put a PR with what I have so far later today.
      • monkey[m]
      • I believer the import tables that were existing up until now are indeed in the production DB
      • kellnerd[m]
        * will put up a PR
      • Are they already called author and edition group? If so, my altered migration file which adds series should also work in production.
      • * adds series import tables and views should also
      • monkey[m]
        Scratch that kellnerd just checked the test and prod DBs and they do not have the import tables.
      • kellnerd[m]
        Yeah, I also was confused as the dumps do not have them while schemas/bookbrainz.sql has them, even with the correct names (while migrations/import/up.sql still has the old names).
      • So I will simply replace migrations/import/up.sql with my updated migration file which has the correct names, already includes series and can be run multiple times.
      • monkey[m]
        Yes, that's perfect
      • kellnerd[m]
        It's gotten later than expected, but my PR is up now, so I guess that still counts as later today (in most time zones at least) 😁
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