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        monkey: Does HMR work for you on the BB import pages? I am getting the following warning in my browser when I first attempt to load a page with changes:... (full message at <https://matrix.chatbrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/...>)
      • And when I attempt to reload the page manually, I get React errors for my changes:
      • > Warning: Prop `className` did not match. Server: "margin-top-2 btn-group" Client: "text-center margin-top-2 btn-group"
      • (I am in the process of resolving a few React property issues which are spamming my server logs.)
      • Just in case it wasn't clear: HMR is working for me on other pages, e.g. the statistics page.
      • monkey[m]
        Hm, no I hadn't noticed, let me try. There might be some configuration things that have changed since '18
      • kellnerd[m]
        Ah, I think I got it.
      • monkey[m]
        Yep me too
      • module.hot.accept thing missing in the controller
      • was just rebuilding
      • Hm, still not working
      • kellnerd[m]
        I thought that my changes to webpack.client.js were enough, but that line in every controller module is also necessary...
      • monkey[m]
        Ah, user error
      • (modified wrong controller)
      • kellnerd[m]
        For me it worked even without restarting the dev server.
      • monkey[m]
        Ah I didn't think to check
      • Yep working
      • kellnerd[m]
        Since I had already fixed the button alignment to please React, I also did the message box:
      • kellnerd[m] uploaded an image: (60KiB) < https://matrix.chatbrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/HfzKMTdEkSSnVnWTdbAnCvlN/image.png >
      • Now both the server logs and the UI are looking better and I can focus on the actual things I wanted to do.
      • monkey[m]
      • Looks much better
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