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      • d4rkie
        I question my sanity for adding all the credits on drama CDs...
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      • all these minor seiyuu not having credits pages, scattered through wikis
      • derwin
      • d4rkie
      • I'm going to fix the rest of the drama CDs in this series
      • derwin
        wow, that's a lot of ... credits in a script I have zero idea about
      • hah, chobits
      • d4rkie
        yeah... I wonder if there's a better way of adding these. though tbh, I oftentimes just tag them as "Drama CD" and avoid all the credits
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      • because it's a seriously long string lol
      • the chobits credits were halfway there, so I decided to fix and finish the job ^^;
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      • reosarevok
        kepstin: IIRC I have a pull request for the release group bit, FWIW :)
      • aerozol
        d4rkie maddest respect for anyone who does audio dramas haha! I have added credits for a couple... but hey, pretty fun seeing so many pages get connected through a release!
      • oh wow all in the release artist field huh!
      • Crazy JP releases. This is what I'm used to: https://musicbrainz.org/release/9dd53391-7d7d-4...
      • donalhunt[m]
        Somewhat bizarrely, this discussion has intersected with me on multiple levels. The most obscure is a band that I follow that has covered Dylan and was included in the previously mentioned collection / series. 😀
      • derwin
        atj: have you considered tidal support for atisket?
      • yyoung: weird, tidal doesn't automatically get a "stream for free" relationship?
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      • atj
        derwin: I personally won't be adding any new vendors to atisket. As I've mentioned before the code is not at all enjoyable to work on, for a variety of reasons.
      • derwin
        I see, yeah.
      • aerozol
        atj: did you say you're working on a replacement?
      • Also, are any plugin/script/helper devs taking donations... *cough nudge*
      • atj
        aerozol: yes, I've written a Ruby gem API client for Deezer, Spotify, Discogs, Bandcamp and MusicBrainz. I then implemented a very basic Rails app that used the client to pull data from Bandcamp.
      • However I never got to the stage of writing the import logic etc.
      • reosarevok
        derwin: is tidal free at all? My understanding is that they're specifically fee-only, has that chnaged?
      • *changed
      • atj
        The client was designed to make it easy to add additional vendors, using base classes for each client and common objects like barcodes etc.
      • derwin
        reosarevok: oh, maybe it's just a free *trial*
      • reosarevok
        I mean, I never looked into them after the launch
      • So no idea how they work now :D
      • atj
        reosarevok: I think you can get access to an API if you email the devs? Or is that Qobuz...
      • derwin
        I guess I just mis-tagged two releases as "stream for free" from tidal
      • reosarevok
        There's MBS-10621
      • BrainzBot
        MBS-10621: Add autoselect + sidebar for Tidal URLs https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-10621
      • derwin
        I guess "streaming page" is correct
      • ?
      • reosarevok
        That's the "not specifically free" one, yes :)
      • yvanzo is marked as working on that but I guess he stopped in hope of an actual answer to the questions there and never got one? :)
      • derwin
        hrm, apparently there is a free tier
      • " TIDAL Access is a free streaming service providing users with curated channels that feature original content from the TIDAL catalog in addition to select on-demand content. "
      • " TIDAL Access is only available in the United States.
      • " You can use Tidal Access from the web or using any of the Tidal apps, but you can only listen to the curated content on the home page — if you search for specific tracks, you'll be asked to buy a subscription. "
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      • reosarevok
      • I assume that content changes though
      • Maybe not the "original content", just the "select on-demand content"
      • aerozol
        That sounds amazing atj. Do it > <
      • atj
        aerozol: we'll get there once I have some more time. Several people have offered to help. I think kellnerd is a bit annoyed because I've mentioned the client repeatedly and he keep saying "why don't you just release it".
      • THe problem is, I'm don't like releasing something I'm not at least close to 100% happy with.
      • *I don't like
      • reosarevok
        Maybe you can do some sort of private repo first and invite a few people who want to improve it with you?
      • Not that I'm volunteering, I'm busy as it is :D
      • atj
        reosarevok: you do more important work :)
      • aerozol
        Ohhh congrats on your big day atj! And the wedding thing as well hehe
      • atj
        aerozol: :)
      • oh great, my home server just threw several MCE errors
      • reosarevok: did you see my comments about the artist URL seeding?
      • reosarevok
        atj: yeah. Hmm. Maybe I'm misremembering from stuff like https://beta.musicbrainz.org/event/create?rels....
      • yvanzo
        derwin, reosarevok: have a patch for tidal URLs, indeed waiting for a confirmation.
      • reosarevok
        yvanzo: do you remember if we also have a way to seed URLs to non-release editors in the same way we can seed other rels (like above)?
      • atj
        reosarevok: it clearly works, it's just the JS isn't handling it correctly
      • I imagine it worked in the old URL relationship editor
      • yvanzo
        I don't remember
      • atj
      • field is added, type is set correctly, input text is empty
      • reosarevok
        atj: can you add a ticket? :)
      • yvanzo
      • Search is back on (was off for a few hours).
      • reosarevok
        atj: it's not even really empty, btw
      • If you submit, it works
      • As long as you haven't touched the "empty" field
      • So it's some clash of church and state
      • I mean, data and state :p
      • atj: are you adding a ticket? If not I guess I can, do let me know
      • atj
        reosarevok: just ask me if I'll add a ticket :P
      • reosarevok
        atj: will you add a ticket?
      • atj
        reosarevok: yes
      • don't add unproductive work for yourself :)
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      • reosarevok: MBS-11960
      • BrainzBot
        MBS-11960: Artist editor URL seeding displays empty text field https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-11960
      • CatQuest
        atj: btw are you atj on mb too? (I'm "following" people on lb to see musictastes)
      • atj
        CatQuest: yes
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      • seriously, what is up with the recording search functionality? I mean this is ridiculous:
      • reosarevok
        atj: it prioritizes duration matches
      • But maybe it should remove less weight from unknown (rather than mismatching) duration
      • bitmap worked on that last IIRC
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      • CatQuest
        you mean include more weigh (i too have this issue where it's the right recording but since it's ?:?? it's way low down)
      • reosarevok
        Well, I think we specifically remove "matchingness" from ones where the durations do not fit
      • But I might be misremembering because I haven't looked at this code in moths
      • nor butterflies
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