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      • SothoTalKer
        shove it all into the cloud
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      • aidalgol
        reosarevok: Oh, someone did it already. Cool!
      • Erin
        https://musicbrainz.org/user/hammerhead%20hillb... is this guy just no voting everything or something?
      • i see a bunch of unexplained no votes
      • [to be clear, not saying anything for or against any item in the list, except for mine, just .... lots of not explaining things]
      • ...i've gone through a few other items he's no voted and they seem like they shouldn't be refused
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      • aerozol
        It's a weird mix of valid no votes and weird looking ones, no notes for most... @reosarevok?
      • Erin
        yeah ive gone througha bunch
      • i reported with some links
      • i think the correct no votes might actually just be luck
      • im not sure
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      • i can confirm that he only started voting a number of hours ago though, despite being here a bit longer than that
      • i dont understand though cause he hasnt said reasons for anything
      • ... yeah, i just finished going down the list and of 55 no votes of his, i personally added a yes to 42 of them
      • and some of the ones i didnt touch were auto applied by other people
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      • atj
        CatQuest: how much data do you have without backups?
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      • CatQuest
        this data *is* on my backup disck guys
      • anyway
      • idk
      • it seems 9 gigs of scanned bb iamges
      • 379 items
      • (and this *is* the reason iwant bb art archive up asap)
      • ev
        CatQuest: I think there's two things going on here - a backup is something that is made in more than one place, to more than one drive, and almost always has some way of looking through its history. a copy is something you put on a different drive and it doesn't matter too much if it is toast, as it's just an extra working copy
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      • CatQuest
      • my only concern is getting bbaa asap tbh
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      • derwin
        ... 9 gigs?
      • CatQuest
        uh yes?
      • weak?
      • should be 90 right? :DDD
      • derwin
        you could... trivially back it up to a 16GB USB stick for under $7
      • CatQuest
      • wait oh
      • people are confused
      • derwin
        you could also register a free google account and upload it to google drive (15gb)
      • CatQuest
        no, i don't have this on my harddrive wich is failing
      • i already have this on my backupdisc(s)
      • any I actually tried uploading to some such thing. i tihkn i broke it? :D
      • idk
      • Jay28
        Anyone have some experience with the API?
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      • aerozol
        CatQuest: I think people are confused because it sounds like you just have one copy, on your backup drive. If you have a copy there and on your failing HDD then it is a 'backup'
      • But this convo has really gotten into the weeds now hasn't it :P
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      • vzctr
        Stage names don't get sorted second name first, right? (Talking about US-based rappers - "Rick Ross" isn't sorted "Ross, Rick" but "Kanye West" is sorted "West, Kanye", right?)
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      • aerozol
        hmm not sure actually! If the stage name imitates 'first name second name' then I always sort it, but I couldn't find anything here: https://musicbrainz.org/doc/Style/Artist/Sort_Name
      • reoseravok?
      • argh reosarevok
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      • Erin
        aerozol : I just got 15 emails because of comments of yours on votes i've been involved in. The catch is that I saw the emails showing up ... right as I finished a code test for a Big5 tech company. Damn near gave me a heart attack. :b
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