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      • binzy_boi[m]
        Hey all, is there a special rule for people who only post their music to YouTube? Thinking of adding some of my father's old stuff to the database, and he only ever posted to his YouTube channel afaict
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      • reosarevok
        binzy_boi[m]: music is music. Whether it's "releases" or standalone recordings is a different question and I guess would depend on how he posted it
      • binzy_boi[m]
        Thanks for that.
      • CatQuest
        ++++ for adding your fathers old stuff to mb!
      • !m binzy_boi[m] for adding niche things!
      • BrainzBot
        You're doing good work, binzy_boi[m] for adding niche things!!
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      • gcrkrause
        Hi!are there any known issues regarding listenbrainz at the moment?
      • It looks like I submitting new listens doesn't work from funkwhale currently, now I am wondering if there is an issue with the service, if the API changed or something wrong on our side :)
      • outsidecontext
        gcrkrause: listens currently don't show up in the front end no matter the source. I think there is some issue or ongoing maintenance, but I don't know details. Let's ask in #metabrainz
      • gcrkrause
        outsidecontex: Thanks for the quick reply! :)
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      • Sciencentistguy
        if an artist releases a "cover" of one of their former works, but under a different project, does that count as a cover?
      • or, if a band member releases a version of a song by the group
      • reosarevok
        That's an eternal debate
      • Pretty sure you can find discussions about it in the forum
      • elomatreb[m]
        Personally I would decide based on how close it is to the original recordings/how much of the personal style of the individual or the new project influenced it
      • Sciencentistguy
        of course it is lmao. i'm gonna go with not a cover for now, and i'll go set those attributes if a consensus is ever reached
      • they're quite different tbh, but i think they might be more remixes than covers?
      • elomatreb[m]
        I don't think things like "cover" can really have a hard and unambiguous definition
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