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        Bootstrap 4 migration now pretty much done. Just need to go back and convert the new series pages and then double check the pages that have changed over the last six months.
      • @monkey, first PR ready for review - review time estimate is about 20 minutes: https://github.com/bookbrainz/bookbrainz-site/p...
      • The next one is much bigger, but when this is done we'll be one step closer to getting React up-to-date, and there are quite a few UI improvements as well.
      • I think it's probably best to upgrade React and React-Select next, then move to Bootstrap 5 after that. I'm hoping BS4 -> BS5 will be nicer than BS3 -> BS4 due to not needing to do the LESS -> SASS conversion again
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      • I was adding some series written by Brandon Sanderson (https://bookbrainz.org/author/272a2e3c-159a-446...)
      • Some of his works such as The Stormlight Archive (https://bookbrainz.org/series/fd1b8b9f-7b13-4b0...), Mistborn (https://bookbrainz.org/series/23848eda-8fdc-424...), etc
      • They're part of a larger universe, which is commonly called the Cosmere. Thus, all these books are often referred to be a part of the same continuity. If we were to search cosmere in bookbrainz, we would get nothing as a result. I think there should be an entity which connects entities which are part of a larger shared continuity (a fictional
      • universe, if you may). There are many other examples of such continuities, such as the Hobbit and Lotr are set in the Middle Earth, but there is no way to connect them together in bookbrainz.
      • Speaking of enitities, we need an Anthology entity too
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