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      • akshaaatt[m]
        Hi! Should we maintain a separate css file for every component or is it better to maintain one single css file for the project?
      • Given that we might need to switch themes at times
      • yyoung[m]
        akshaaatt We should probably use both, styles at component level should be scoped otherwise it would be a mess, meanwhile theme styles should be global.
      • akshaaatt[m]
        Right yyoung @yyoung:matrix.org
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      • zas
        dumps on aretha still triggers alerts
      • ruaok
        are the dumps impacting performance of the machine or just triggering alerts?
      • zas
        They slow down the machine
      • Load above 8 since 2am
      • With a lot of disk Io, software raid, so high CPU too
      • ruaok
        maybe we should get a dedicated VM for this task?
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      • yvanzo
        zas: One of the containers (musicbrainz-search-indexes-dump) did follow beta instead and didn’t receive all the updates, thus the load alert when it started running zstd without threads limit again. Updated it to and double-checked it.
      • It should resolve the load issue, but it won’t resolve the disk alert issue which happen when dumps are moved around.
      • (the load issue that happened at 6:30 is directly related to the above container running zstd)
      • BrainzGit
        [musicbrainz-server] 14yvanzo opened pull request #2272 (03master…cron-log-timestamp): Timestamp all logs produced by cron scripts https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-serve...
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