• Freso
        Apart from that I also reviewed some BookBrainz PRs.
      • That was it for my week! Take care y’all !
      • """
      • ruaok diras:
      • """
      • slow week for me, just some bits and bobs, was on semi vacation am on vacation now.
      • """
      • Aliaj, kiuj pretas recenzojn hodiaŭ: lucifer, yvanzo, bitmap, Freso, alastairp, reosarevok, zas, jasondk, ritiek, akshaaatt, akashgp09, CatQuest – anyone who wants to give review, let me know. :)
      • lucifer: Iru!
      • lucifer
        hi all!
      • i worked on migrating spark jobs to use new style parquet dumps and spent lot of time looking into rabbitmq nuances we have been seeing in LB.
      • i also did some work on acessing CB database directly from LB for jasondk 's project. the approach didn't pan out. i'll start work on a different approach (access using CB oauth) this week.
      • i also did some PR reviews for akshaaatt[m]
      • that's it for me
      • alastairp: next?
      • alastairp
      • mia kusenveturilo estas plena je angiloj
      • Freso
      • alastairp
        last week I finished and merged Aidan's work on acoustic similarity on acousticbrainz
      • this involved lots of small things related to database migrations, fixing some rarely used helper scripts, and improving data display on the web
      • today I also did some work on improving the time needed to generate indexes, and fixed a bug regarding valid CPU extensions that we can use when compiling/running the similarity
      • that being said, I'm about to release on prod now (was on beta last week), and will write some blog/twttier about it
      • also did had some discussions with lucifer about the CB stuff he was talking about, and some light PR reviews
      • yvanzo: next!
      • yvanzo
      • Freso
        (People still up: bitmap, Freso, reosarevok, zas, jasondk, ritiek, akshaaatt, akashgp09, CatQuest – anyone who wants to give review, let me know. :))
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      • yvanzo
        Last week I mainly debugged search indexer and identified a new issue with indexing some MB recordings since last schema change.
      • That could explain the recent repeated crashes.
      • Also helped a bit with aretha migration but could not really achieve more than that otherwise.
      • Fin. Go bitmap!
      • bitmap
      • zas
        !m yvanzo
      • BrainzBot
        You're doing good work, yvanzo!
      • bitmap
        last week I worked on more tiny issues/annoyances in the React relationship editor, and worked more on the release verion (which is a bit more complicated since it edits recordings/works too).
      • was hoping to submit that last week but I still need to finish edit submission there, since it submits edits asynchronously/piecemeal unlike the standard entity forms.
      • I also helped move containers to the new aretha server -- postgres-williams, the fullexport sshd container, etc.
      • and did a bit of code review but mostly on yyoung's PR. doing more this week for the beta release
      • fin! go reosarevok
      • CatQuest
        reo is probably still in a car
      • reosarevok
        Bonan vesperon!
      • I'm not :)
      • CatQuest
        oh there he is
      • CatQuest also leavs no
      • reosarevok
        I worked on a bunch of small issues, some ISEs and whatnot, plus improving statistics a bit
      • I also spent a lot of time releasing the server last Monday evening, since I found two beta bugs we had missed (one minor, the second more serious) and had to restart twice
      • And I worked a bit with Freso to try and help him with dealing with the old backlog so that he has less on his shoulders
      • CatQuest: do yoy have time to give your review first?
      • You even
      • Oh, I got told earlier "I have nothing"
      • So not CatQuest
      • Freso?
      • Freso
      • I had a meeting with Rob, reo, and Paul (from MeB board) about my position. As a result, I have stepped down as Secretary for the board and worked with reo to help me schedule and prioritise my work, which will hopefully lead to me actually being able to do things without burning myself out again. :)
      • Of actual thing-things, I have dealt with a bit of ListenBrainz spam and purged a couple of spammy users. Also opened LB-922 related to this.
      • BrainzBot
        LB-922: Add report for users with high total/unique ratio https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/LB-922
      • Freso
      • zas: Iru!
      • zas
      • CatQuest
        !m Freso
      • BrainzBot
        You're doing good work, Freso!
      • Freso
        (People still up: jasondk, ritiek, akshaaatt, akashgp09 – anyone who wants to give review, let me know. :))
      • zas
        I did usual supervision, upgrades, user support
      • migration from williams to aretha is now finished, williams will be retired and replaced by a new server within next days
      • thanks to all on this
      • Picard PRs code review & merging, thanks to very active contributors (kudos to rdswift)
      • fin. jasondk ?
      • jasondk
        Hi all!
      • Last week I got some PR's in for adding pinned recordings to the LB user feed,
      • and I worked on the implementing pin history tab page, which should be done this week.
      • I also began refactoring some code that would allow these pins to be playable with Brainzplayer.
      • this week i'll start work on the CBxLB integration project's frontend review modal component.
      • That's it from me :) ritiek?
      • ritiek
      • last week i checked if our deserializer in musicbrainz_rs has been missing any fields compared to what gets exposed in the API response
      • Freso
        (Only akshaaatt[m] and akashgp09 left in my list. Last call for anyone else who may want to give review!)
      • ritiek
        i also worked on adding support for level relationship includes in musicbrainz_rs
      • also got the PR adding support for all regular relationship includes merged last week
      • that's it from me
      • akshaaatt: go!
      • akshaaatt[m]
        Hi everyone!
      • I've recently published my GSoC experience article at https://medium.com/@akshaaatt/gsoc21-the-beauty...
      • Do give it a read! :)
      • Other than this I made some contributions to the mb app as well and we are excited for the release!
      • Campus placements have begun at my college and hence I've been studying a lot these days!
      • That's it for me. Fin!
      • akashgp09 next?
      • akashgp09
        Hi Everyone!
      • Last week I worked on adding achievements for series creation https://github.com/bookbrainz/bookbrainz-site/p...
      • Also, added the corresponding tests for it https://github.com/bookbrainz/bookbrainz-site/p...
      • Debugged and fixed the issue of achievement endpoint.
      • that's it for me.
      • Freso
      • That’s it for reviews then. Thank you everyone who reviewed. :)
      • We have a couple of additional items on today’s agenda, so…
      • reo: personal data in edit history
      • TOPIC: MetaBrainz Community and Development channel | MusicBrainz non-development: #musicbrainz | BookBrainz: #bookbrainz | Channel is logged; see https://musicbrainz.org/doc/IRC for details | Agenda: personal data in edit history (reo), MBBE_Bot autoedits (reo)
      • reosarevok:
      • Freso 👀
      • reosarevok
      • So
      • We have had several cases where users ask us to remove their personal data (birthdates, mostly)
      • We often do, but that only removes it from the actual data
      • There's no mechanism to remove it from edit history, which I've been asked about because, well, edit history is now visible without login anyway, so it's not very private at all
      • I understand that this should probably wait for a meeting with ruaok, but maybe we can leave it in the agenda and think about whether we have any ideas about how to deal with it for next week?
      • bitmap and yvanzo ^ maybe you have any ideas about this we can talk about next Mon )
      • That's probably it for now
      • bitmap
        will have a think
      • yvanzo
        editor's birthdate in edits?
      • reosarevok
        Yes. We remove them on request, see https://beta.musicbrainz.org/doc/Data_Removal_P...
      • We say
      • Freso
        yvanzo: No, artists’.
      • reosarevok
        "There is one exception to this: the only data we will always remove upon request is your date of birth, if present. Keep in mind though that unless you've also made sure the date was removed from wherever the original source of the data was, there's a possibility a user will find it and add it again."
      • Oh, sorry, yeah, artists :)
      • yvanzo
        oh ok
      • reosarevok
        But "there's a possibility a user will find it again" in our own edit history, right now, even if they remove it from elsewhere
      • Which doesn't seem ideal
      • We have a ticket to remove stuff from edit notes as admins, but nothing about edit data
      • Anyway, that's it for now for that topic I think
      • bitmap
        but I'd probably not delete the edit outright, just replace the date with a note saying the info was removed + a link to the doc
      • reosarevok
        Yeah, I'd agree, but we'd need to add support for that :)
      • CatQuest
        I was thinking [redacted] or something, yea
      • reosarevok
        Not sure if that'd be a schema change of some sort, hopefully not
      • CatQuest
        like we have edit date that was removed and it says greyed out [removed]
      • reosarevok
        Just something an admin can choose to do with a button from the edit in question maybe? Anyway, worth a think
      • Whatever we think would work we need to run past ruaok anyway
      • CatQuest
        fwiw it seems fine to me
      • yvanzo
        +1 to bitmap's suggestion + mark modified edits + make impossible to add the birthdate again.
      • Freso
        So, keep in agenda for next week?
      • reosarevok
        I think so
      • rdswift
        If it remained in the database, would it still be available to users wunning a local copy?
      • yvanzo
        rdswift: yes
      • rdswift
      • reosarevok
        I would make it so that the data does not remain in the database
      • Just the edit does
      • yvanzo
        rdswift: until the updated their mirror
      • bitmap
        it'd be in old edit dumps if people downloaded them, but yeah
      • rdswift
      • bitmap
        not much we can do about that
      • reosarevok
        Oh, yeah, of course, that :)
      • Those are in the IA
      • But that's already very obscure
      • CatQuest
        rdswift: wundersmith
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      • Freso
        Also, individual artist pages may be in the web archive.
      • But yeah.
      • Anyway.
      • Etua has quit
      • Etua1 is now known as Etua
      • yvanzo
        how do you track such requests?