• yvanzo
        Reviewed PRs, handled alerts (SolrCloud, MB Website), and that’s all folks!
      • Go atj!
      • Or mayhem?
      • mayhem
      • last week I did the usual metabrainz background tasks.
      • and PRs and the normal usual routines.
      • I also started "working" on yet another surprise for you all, but the ducks didn't align in time to reveal it right now. alas. we'll share the news during the week.
      • reosarevok
        Yay weblate
      • Yay surprises
      • CatQuest
        oooh yay translations!
      • mayhem
        and I did some hacking on various LB projects, but those are just not coming to me right now.
      • can't have been all that important, right?
      • heh. alastairp go.
      • alastairp
      • lucifer
        is the surprise that youtube approved LB request limits ? ;p
      • alastairp
        this week I did some LB (code) reviews, and finished off the CB work to put (album) reviews in LB (https://github.com/metabrainz/critiquebrainz/pu...)
      • I talked with monkey about mood things, and started collecting some tag annotations from LB/lastfm and others to see how many annotations we already have that could be related to moods already, and how they can be characterised
      • I finished off a notebook which I had started which shows the results of a handful of mood models which I know of (https://github.com/metabrainz/mir-analysis/blob...), mostly confusion it seems. I'm interested to see what a larger dataset of crowd-sourced mood annotations could do to help with these kind of models, happy to talk about them in more detail - tandy1000, riksucks you were both interested in this as well
      • monkey and I briefly threw around some ideas about if we could do bookbrainz reviews in CB as a SoC project
      • I picked up a bunch of small CB tasks and upgrades, and am trying to close off all current open PRs
      • finally, we blogged about the AB shutdown and I spent some time responding to comments about that
      • akshaaatt: next up?
      • akshaaatt
        Hi Everyone!
      • CatQuest
      • akshaaatt
        Last week my major focus was on cleaning up ListenBrainz and we are now looking forward to injecting the design system into it so I was progressing on getting that done.
      • Also, MusicBrainz revamp work is going strong and I fixed the design changes we discussed with the team a few days back.
      • I am hopeful of getting the work done in a few days.
      • Other than that during my free time I made a flask app for achieving quantum entanglement and making the first ever perfectly encrypted app!
      • Happy with last week :)
      • That's about it for me. fin!
      • Go lucifer!
      • lucifer
        hi all!
      • CatQuest
        !m akshaaatt & alastairp
      • BrainzBot
        You're doing good work, akshaaatt & alastairp!
      • Freso
        (Only atj (if they’re around?) and myself left! Last call for reviews if anyone else wants to go!!)
      • lucifer
        I mostly worked on the PR to move listen min/max timestamps from cache to a pg table and some related changes to listen deletion. quite a few edge cases came up so discussed about those with mayhem.
      • other than that some small PRs, like fixing total listen counts on LB index page and adding a messybrainz page to LB with the intent to redirect msb.org to lb.org/msb in near future.
      • thats it for me. Freso next?
      • Freso
        atj: Are you around?
      • Anyway.
      • 🙋
      • I spent some time catching up on some forum stuff, incl. adding a bunch of "newly" elected autoeditors to the AE group on the forum so that they can post to the AE part of it.
      • Otherwise dealt with reports and flags and being about etc.
      • fin.
      • Seems like no atj, so this wraps up the reviews. Thank you for them!
      • CatQuest
        thanks freso
      • Freso
        And no more items on today’s agenda, so this also wraps up the meeting! Thank you all for your time. Take care of yourselves and stay safe out there!
      • </BANG>
      • yvanzo
      • akshaaatt
        Thank you!
      • monkey
        Thanks Freso !
      • alastairp
        lucifer: I've merged + fixed remaining failing tests in https://github.com/metabrainz/critiquebrainz/pu...
      • I'll merge it tomorrow along with the other BU version upgrades
      • I'll look at Ansh's PR too
      • does it make sense to order by popularity/rating ascending too? maybe instead of `published_on_asc` we could have a separate parameter which is ascending/descending and apply that to all sort parameters
      • lucifer
      • oh that sounds like a good idea to have asc/desc on all params.
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      • atj
        argh, sorry Freso
      • lucifer
        mayhem, i'll reply to youtube people asking for clarification on details. if the response is not helpful, then submit the same screencast again and see how it goes. thoughts?
      • atj
        I was busy writing some Ansible playbooks and didn't notice the time. I wasn't active last week due to a family emergency so didn't have anything to report anyway.
      • mayhem
        lucifer: to me it seems that they have a general response for "the video didn't show how the search is used"
      • and given that there isn't a search box that someone types something into a text field, they are totally lost.
      • One thing we could try is redo the screen cast and add more text (somehow) saying that that when the page loads, a playlist is being resolved and that searches are being carried out by the scripts running on that page. The user never actually carries out a search.
      • that is the only thing I can think of.
      • lucifer
        i see. that makes sense.
      • they atttached a screenshot with their email and the listens there are different from the screencast so they did login and open the recent page.
      • and then yeah couldn't figure out what next. i'll edit the screen cast and add some text boxes with detes.
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      • BrainzGit
        [bookbrainz-site] 14dependabot[bot] opened pull request #784 (03master…dependabot/npm_and_yarn/webpack-5.69.1): chore(deps-dev): bump webpack from 5.64.4 to 5.69.1 https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-site/p...
      • [bookbrainz-site] 14dependabot[bot] closed pull request #778 (03master…dependabot/npm_and_yarn/webpack-5.68.0): chore(deps-dev): bump webpack from 5.64.4 to 5.68.0 https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-site/p...
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