• adhawkins
        Started getting "Invalid or missing REPLICATION_ACCESS_TOKEN" in my container. As far as I can see, 'local/secrets/metabrainz_access_token' matches the token shown at https://metabrainz.org/profile
      • Suggestions?
      • Ah, seems this step had been 'forgotten': admin/configure add replication-token
      • Guess it must have been when I reset the database perhaps? Oh well, replicating again now. Apologies for the noise.
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      • skelly37
        outsidecontext: Are you off for a couple of days or did something happen?
      • outsidecontext
        skelly37: I'm currently really struggling time wise :( Mostly due to work mixed with family things
      • skelly37
        Oh, understandable, take your time
      • Just thought you forgot about my PR ;)
      • I'll try to add the 2 commands mentioned yesterday, alongside with the imp research then
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      • yvanzo
      • zas, cc bitmap, cc reosarevok: I updated the silence on aretha disk alerts to end on Sunday, so we can check these for a week before deploying patches to evaluate their impact.
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      • bitmap
        yvanzo: ok, thanks
      • BrainzGit
        [critiquebrainz] 14anshg1214 opened pull request #458 (03master…CB-444): CB-444: API error messages are music-specific https://github.com/metabrainz/critiquebrainz/pu...
      • [musicbrainz-server] 14mwiencek opened pull request #2602 (03master…mbs-11758): MBS-11758: Fix more hydration errors due to missing strings https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-serve...
      • reosarevok
        bitmap: I'm happy to put a beta out with these refactorings tonight if you want to give people extra time to find issues :)
      • bitmap: also, do you know of any eslint plugins to sort imports by path? There's one to sort by alphabetical order of import names, but not sure I like that as much?
      • bitmap
        reosarevok: sounds good to me (I’ll be AFK for a bit but you can merge them if you’d like, or I can do it later)
      • and no, I was looking for the same kind of plugin earlier and couldn’t find one :/ I also think path makes a lot more sense, but
      • reosarevok
        bitmap: I can do it in the morning so you have a bit of time to check y comments :)
      • *my
      • bitmap: also, there's https://github.com/lydell/eslint-plugin-simple-... it seems, but not sure if worth it
      • aerozol
        To whom it may interest: Does pinning a recording from the ’now playing’ box in ListenBrainz ever work?
      • Gives this error:
      • Error while pinning recording JSON document must contain either recording_msid or recording_mbid
      • If so we should remove the option. I’m always pinning something as I listen to it tbh, and rewriting my little description is a drag. Ideally it would work but if it can’t then it’s annoying that it[’s there
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