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      • akshaaatt
        Hi yellowhatpro!
      • No, We don’t need to fetch any images externally from the internet.
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      • yellowhatpro
        so shouldn't we use artist images?
      • just the placeholders are fine right?
      • CatQuest
        i still maintain we could manage to get up and running artist logo thing
      • thatsmore like cover art then images right?
      • yellowhatpro
      • copyright issues are scary
      • CatQuest
        it was a falce claim too, it never went to court
      • it was one of those "send off asue clame because most peopel jsut pay and don't take legal action about it since they nae can afford+don't want hassle"
      • things
      • yellowhatpro
        I would just avoid such things from my end then ⊙﹏⊙∥
      • CatQuest
        that's what we did. we never did anything wrong
      • " It sucks to be the target of a pointless, predatory lawsuit. We’ve always been very careful about staying on the right side of the law, "
      • but yes, this is why we're "we will not reinstate artist images or include any images that link to Wikimedia Commons. "
      • yellowhatpro
        yess I got it now
      • np mb-android still would look pretty ヾ(•ω•`)o
      • CatQuest
        hah, i found that this loser has been blocked fro mcommons https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User_talk:Ni...
      • yellowhatpro
        serves him right >︿<
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      • skelly37
      • rdswift: are you up?
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      • I have a one question. I'm almost done with sending commands to picard, the only thing that's left is your request
      • "I was thinking about Look Up CD command: without arg, it uses "first" cd reader, but an arg let the user select which cd reader to use``` Or to specify the path/file to use for the ripper log file."
      • Could you be a more verbose and precise about it, please?
      • thanks in advance
      • (don't be afraid to anwser if I'll become offline for some reason, I read the logs :>)
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      • BrainzGit
        [listenbrainz-server] 14amCap1712 merged pull request #2098 (03master…fix-log): Reduce logging severity for mbid item not found in mbid_metadata https://github.com/metabrainz/listenbrainz-serv...
      • atj
        skelly37: my interpretation is that rdswift is talking about adding a "lookup cd" command that can be sent to Picard. If you look at the corresponding functionality in the UI, there is a context menu to select the CDROM drive, or an EAC / XLD log file. So this needs to be replicated in the command via an argument.
      • However, rdswift is stating that the argument should be optional, and the default action would be to perform a lookup using the first CDROM in the list.
      • CatQuest
        I mean, its a pita even *in* picard because I have lots of virtual cddrives thanks to daemontools + usb drivers and the like, so picard is always confused
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      • yellowhatpro
        One more doubt akshaaatt , for the navigation purpose in the brainzplayer activity, I was thinking not to use multiple activity model because then there would be multiple activites, instead I was thinking to use composables to replace each other in one activity.
      • mayhem waves
      • atj
        good holiday mayhem?
      • skelly37
        atj: Okay, this way, thanks for explanation :)
      • mayhem
        atj: been a bit of miaxed bag, but now that I am in London things are better. despite roasting the last few days.
      • cooling down a bit today, back home tomorrow.
      • atj
        I guess you're used to it living in Spain, but it's been bloody hot over the weekend.
      • mayhem
        yeah, but the goal of the vacation was to go where it would be cool. no luck on that front.
      • atj
        I was in London on Wednesday evening and it wasn't as bad as I thought. However the deep tube lines like Victoria were hellish
      • No air conditioning on the tube stock either 🥵
      • mayhem
        yeah, I've been trying to travel on overground and elizabeth as much as possible
      • atj
        haven't been on the elizabeth line yet, is it worth £40 billion?
      • mayhem
        probably. The nicest trains, quiet, fast. (and PURPLE) my favorite conveyance in london right now
      • TOPIC: MetaBrainz Community and Development channel | MusicBrainz non-development: #musicbrainz | BookBrainz: #bookbrainz | Channel is logged; see https://musicbrainz.org/doc/IRC for details | Agenda: Reviews, \Fortgang i MBS-10290
      • CatQuest
        sorry freso i don't know the regualr convention for topics in title
      • TOPIC: MetaBrainz Community and Development channel | MusicBrainz non-development: #musicbrainz | BookBrainz: #bookbrainz | Channel is logged; see https://musicbrainz.org/doc/IRC for details | Agenda: Reviews, MBS-10290 progress (CatQuest)
      • takk freso
      • Freso
        You’re welcome. :)
      • skelly37
        Freso: How should I send you my review, dm or mail? I'll probably be absent today evening, as it is a holiday in Poland :)
      • Freso
        skelly37: E-mail. :) freso@metabrainz.org
      • skelly37
        okay :)
      • sent
      • yvanzo
        hi CatQuest, why does this ticket need to be discussed in the meeting?
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      • al-bondigas
        Hello all, I'm currently trying to bring up a local docker-compose instance of Musicbrainz and keep erroring on out database import with the following:
      • Mon Aug 15 14:26:59 2022 : Adding foreign key constraints ... (CreateFKConstraints.sql)
      • Mon Aug 15 14:26:59 2022 : psql:/musicbrainz-server/admin/sql/CreateFKConstraints.sql:67: ERROR: insert or update on table "annotation" violates foreign key constraint "annotation_fk_editor"
      • Mon Aug 15 14:26:59 2022 : DETAIL: Key (editor)=(51298) is not present in table "editor".
      • Error during CreateFKConstraints.sql at /musicbrainz-server/admin/InitDb.pl line 93.
      • Mon Aug 15 14:26:59 2022 : InitDb.pl failed
      • Is this the right place to be asking for help?
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      • lucifer
        reosarevok, yvanzo: ^
      • bitmap
        al-bondigas: hi, it sounds like you are trying to set up a standalone database rather than a mirror, while also importing the -derived dump. for that you also need the -editor dump imported
      • this could be a bug in musicbrainz-docker, because I don't see where it fetches that for standalone dbs
      • al-bondigas
        bitmap - I am just following the instructions on Github (https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-docker) - I thought I was setting up a mirror with full database dumps, not a standalone db. Commands in order are 'sudo docker-compose build', then 'sudo docker-compose run --rm musicbrainz createdb.sh -fetch'. Should I be adding '-editor' to the
      • createdb line?
      • akshaaatt
        That sounds like a good idea yellowhatpro
      • Go ahead with it ✌️
      • bitmap
        al-bondigas: i'm not sure if that's a valid option. it sounds like something is misconfigured though, because foreign keys shouldn't get created on mirrors. you might have to wait for yvanzo to help with the configuration
      • I'm not as familiar with all the scripts it uses
      • al-bondigas
        bitmap - thank you. I can wait. I did notice inside the container at /media/dbdump/ there was no copy of the mbdump-editor files.
      • And that -editor is not a valid option at all:D
      • bitmap
        if I had to guess, this command (run from the musicbrainz-docker git checkout) might disable standalone mode - admin/configure rm musicbrainz-standalone
      • but if you are setting up a fresh installation i'm not sure how this got enabled to start with :)
      • yvanzo
        admin/configure show # to check if you set musicbrainz-standalone or not.
      • al-bondigas
        ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sorry yvanzo, I already ran the rm musicbrainz-standalone command, rerunning recreatedb.sh now - stay tuned and thank you.
      • yvanzo
        No problem :)
      • al-bondigas
        It's entirely possible that I set standalone at some point, not knowing the repercussions
      • yvanzo
        You can always check later on.
      • Or in a separate shell.
      • al-bondigas
        COMPOSE_FILE is defined by '/home/xxxxx/build/musicbrainz-docker/.env' file.
      • COMPOSE_FILE=docker-compose.yml:compose/replication-token.yml:local/compose/memory-settings.yml
      • Referred-to compose file(s):
      • [default] docker-compose.yml: Default compose file, with host port for musicbrainz
      • [replication-token] compose/replication-token.yml: Grant access to MetaBrainz access token for replication
      • [local-compose-memory-settings] local/compose/memory-settings.yml: Customize memory settings
      • yvanzo
        al-bondigas: please use a pastebin service or gist instead of pasting multiple lines here :)
      • al-bondigas
        Sorry - will do
      • yvanzo
        The list of compose files looks good otherwise.
      • bitmap: musicbrainz-docker is (has always been) downloading the -derived dump without -editor dump in either case. Did that change recently in MBS?
      • It is calling InitDb.pl with --skip-editor
      • bitmap
        yvanzo: nope, it's always been required
      • yvanzo
        bitmap: but it’s always been working…
      • And "skip-editor" has been available for years.
      • al-bondigas: It seems to be a regression of latest musicbrainz-server release.
      • bitmap
        yvanzo: I'm not sure I understand how it broke
      • if you use --skip-editor then it skips created a derived editor table
      • creating*
      • so it basically ensures you will have no valid foreign keys to editor
      • yvanzo
        even if -derived dump is specified on the command line?
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      • yellowhatpro
        akshaaatt: but there are some shortcomings in the current navigation implementation in compose. There is a limit to what we can send from one screen to another, like we cant send parcelables and all.
      • bitmap
        yes I don't think --skip-editor makes sense with derived data (though it's valid on mirrors)
      • for standalones, either you have to import the the editor dump or let it create an editor table
      • yvanzo
        The same options are passed even for standalones.
      • bitmap
      • yvanzo
        I cannot explain why it failed then, and it doesn’t seem to be a configuration issue. Let’s see if the second attempt is successful.
      • bitmap
        the compose file config he pasted was from after he ran 'admin/configure rm musicbrainz-standalone'. wouldn't that have removed it from the configuration?
      • yvanzo
        Possibly but even having set musicbrainz-standalone wouldn’t explain the failure.
      • bitmap
        afaict it would, because it's using --skip-editor without importing an editor dump :P but you said it has worked before, so I don't know how
      • yvanzo
        how would that be a problem? --skip-editor “do not guarantee editor rows are present (useful when importing single tables).”
      • bitmap
        I think this is poorly worded, but it means that this never runs https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-serve...
      • --skip-creating-derived-editor-table would be more accurate