• yvanzo
        compile logs have only two warnings and it's about web-tests.
      • bitmap
        I assume your root/static/build/common-chunks.js contains a bunch of string evals which run the scripts?
      • yvanzo
        hmm... which string should I grep for?
      • (I can upload it but the file is 14M)
      • bitmap
        I guess just 'eval' or 'sourceURL'
      • for some source map implementations it will convert all the js files to strings and execute them with eval (I don't remember why)
      • yvanzo
        it doesn't seem so, but I will upload it to wolf
      • bitmap
        but, I'm not sure why ours would differ unless you are setting WEBPACK_DEVTOOL environment variable
      • jasje
        LB down?
      • mayhem
      • yvanzo
        bitmap: I copied it under ~yvanzo/csp-errors on wolf
      • No, WEBPACK_DEVTOOL isnโ€™t set either.
      • NODE_ENV is set to test
      • bitmap
      • yvanzo
      • bitmap
        ok, no source map evals, but I see `var global = new Function("return this")();` in your setInputValueForReact file, which would trigger the eval error
      • I believe this is related to babel-plugin-istanbul
      • so NODE_ENV=test will include that
      • actually, we ran into this before, heh - https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-serve...
      • yvanzo
        I tried setting NODE_ENV=production but it didnโ€™t have any effect.
      • arsh
        Hi mayhem: I was able to create a PR between the tags on my fork
      • Pratha-Fish
        hey yvanzo, sorry for bringing it up again, but here's what I've done so far:
      • 1. Re-deployed my musicbrainz-docker installation from scratch by following: https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-docke...
      • 2. I also went ahead and published the db on by using `admin/configure add publishing-db-port` before `sudo docker-compose up -d`
      • 3. I created the test db by running `script/create_test_db.sh` on the `musicbrainz` container
      • 4. I updated the DBDefs.pm file in the musicbrainz container as follows: https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/Pft75gO5/
      • Basically, I just:
      • set the host and port for the TEST db
      • set `sub DB_STAGING_TESTING_FEATURES` to 1
      • and set `sub USE_SET_DATABASE_HEADER`to 1.
      • All the rest is the same
      • 4. I restarted musicbrainz-docker with `sudo docker-compose restart` (in the locally cloned repo, of course)
      • =====
      • 5. Now, I manually insert a new user into the TEST database, and try to login with that user. With mechanize, as well as with the browser interface.
      • Both of the methods are throwing some errors that I haven't been able to figure out
      • Here's a copy of the error message from mechanize:
      • mayhem
        arsh: ok, let me take a look
      • yvanzo
        Pratha-Fish: I will look into it after the meeting. Please use the Post a text snippet feature or gist for long text.
      • Pratha-Fish
        yvanzo: thankyou, noted :)
      • bitmap: Maybe could you also look into the above issue to see if I missed any step that we had used earlier to setup our testing suite?
      • Whatever time suits you of course
      • yvanzo
        bitmap: Thanks, at least I can test the register page now by temporarily patching Server.
      • reosarevok
      • Hi everyone! It's Monday again and we have gathered to regale each others with tales of our prowess
      • mayhem
      • reosarevok
        I have no mailed reviews today, it seems
      • Is everyone's holiday over?
      • I guess we'll find out :)
      • On my list today: reosarevok, bitmap, zas, mayhem, yvanzo, monkey, lucifer, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, ApeKattQuest, riksucks, kellnerd, Pratha-Fish, ShivamAwasthi, vscode, pixelpenguin, arsh, jasje
      • mayhem: wanna start?
      • Pratha-Fish hops in
      • ApeKattQuest
      • Pratha-Fish ๐ŸŸ
      • mayhem
      • last week I focused on lb-radio, which is now available for testing here:
      • I would very much love it if people could give it a try and tell me what you think of the generated playlists.
      • I also worked on PR reviews, lb content resolver, and moving recommendations along.
      • which we released today -- thanks for monkey and lucifer for all the help!
      • looking perty!
      • monkey
        and aerozol for the designs !
      • mayhem
        yes, sorry, thanks!
      • we immediately found a few minor bugs that will be fixed in the coming days.
      • finally her. believe it or not, this is what I set out to do 23 years ago, but realized that MusicBrainz needed to exist before I could do this.
      • So 20 years later, I could finally start working on that. and today we delivered.
      • loong road was long, but I'm very happy with what we've created. and loads more to come!
      • monkey: go!
      • monkey
      • Last week I continued reviewing and moving the GSOC projects along
      • Also finished some long-opened PRs for BookBrainz and deployed to beta
      • And more PR reviews
      • That's me in a nutshell (let me out!)
      • reosarevok: go
      • reosarevok
      • I mostly worked on style issues last week, since I felt I hadn't looked at them enough recently
      • Other than that, we had a couple long-ish meetings with the MBS team and we hopefully figured out needed improvements for the DB schema docs
      • Today I got a lot of PR reviews by yvanzo so I've been dealing with that and will probably do more of that after the meeting and tomorrow :)
      • ApeKattQuest: what about you?
      • ApeKattQuest
        Arararara~! hi!
      • Doing lots of AFK stuff on vacation. seems the whole of europe is burning up but here we are drowning in water (it's better than dying of heatstroke though.)
      • Tried adding some stuff and suggestions to the comparison table doc aerozol made (ORG-52)
      • that's it for me, i'll be afk and on again with instruments this week tooโ™‹
      • BrainzBot
        ORG-52: Feature comparison table https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/ORG-52
      • ApeKattQuest
        fin, go Pratha-Fish ๐ŸŸ
      • Pratha-Fish
        Hi all :)
      • Last week was great!
      • reosarevok
        Left on my list for today: bitmap, zas, yvanzo, lucifer, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, riksucks, kellnerd, ShivamAwasthi, vscode, pixelpenguin, arsh, jasje
      • Pratha-Fish
        Made some progress on a new feature (edit existing areas on MusicBrainz) for the MusicBrainz bot
      • Started exploring and implementing new scripts to fetch areas from wikidata ๐Ÿ‘€
      • Broke my testing setup YET AGAIN and spent wayy too much time fixing it ๐Ÿ˜‘ (making progress thanks to yvanzo
      • :))
      • interestingly enough, I'm also onto some unexpected developer relations work. I'll be conducting two sessions at one of the best universities in India where I'll be guiding folks on how to make their first contributions in open source!
      • (using the Musicbrainz codebase ofc ;))
      • Finding some ridiculolusly easy bugs to solve live rn
      • jasje
        you can get those in lb android
      • ApeKattQuest
      • Pratha-Fish
        Also, I went to the hills and almost died in a car crash, missing my last weeks meet ๐Ÿ’€
      • That's it for me :D
      • ApeKattQuest
        oh shit
      • Pratha-Fish
        Fin ๐ŸŸ
      • jasje
        ez survive
      • ApeKattQuest
      • Pratha-Fish
        ApeKattQuest: oh shit moment indeed
      • jasje next?
      • jasje
        hi everyone
      • last week i got my similar listens pr merrged
      • fixed listen submitter little bit and saved listens ti submit later
      • shrinked the code for submitter as well
      • continued with my gsoc project
      • Iโ€™ve been eyeing on making some changes to the designs as well
      • reosarevok
        Honey, I shrunk the code for the submitter
      • (?)
      • ApeKattQuest
      • ShivamAwasthi
      • jasje
      • reosarevok: well it was duplicated so I just created a component thats all
      • its works the same tho
      • Pratha-Fish
        good one ๐Ÿ˜†
      • reosarevok
        Left on my list for today: bitmap, zas, yvanzo, lucifer, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, riksucks, kellnerd, ShivamAwasthi, vscode, pixelpenguin, arsh
      • jasje
      • bitmap
      • last week I finished deploying new postgres (standby with streaming replication from floyd), pgbouncer, and haproxy containers on jimmy and peformed some benchmarks
      • current changes are in the 'ha' and 'ha-pg' branches for docker-postgres-cluster and docker-server-configs respectively
      • performance appeared to be very good and within expectations, but I understand some further optimizations are needed for zfs
      • the main architectural change is that pgbouncer will point to haproxy instead of postgres directly, and haproxy will detect which pg node is the primary. it should simplify switchovers a lot and reduce the amount of downtime needed
      • otherwise I mainly just reviewed the database schema doc/diagram changes from yvanzo that reosarevok mentioned
      • fin. go yvanzo
      • yvanzo
      • And Happy International Self-Care Day.
      • Two MB dev meetings (reosarevok and bitmap mentioned) helped with finally updating the MB PostgreSQL database docs to schema 28 (2023 Q2).
      • There still are a few undocumented areas, but itโ€™s much more complete and consistent now.
      • Implemented CORS support for LB to use wikipedia-extract.
      • Also reviewed a bunch of MBS PRs, plus some support.
      • Fin. Go zas!
      • zas
      • I came back from a train trip on Wednesday, so the week was rather short
      • We (with atj) upgraded docker on all servers
      • (more on this after reviews)
      • I also reviewed PRs for Picard, 2.9 should be released this week
      • plus usual supervision, minor fixes, services restart, that's it for me. lucifer?
      • lucifer
        hi all!
      • reosarevok
        Left on my list for today: akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, riksucks, kellnerd, ShivamAwasthi, vscode, pixelpenguin, arsh
      • lucifer
        last week, i worked on finishing up the tags dataset and generation of weekly playlists.
      • some PR reviews and gsoc discussions.