• reosarevok
        So my list for today is: reosarevok, bitmap, zas, mayhem, yvanzo, monkey, lucifer, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, ApeKattQuest, kellnerd, Pratha-Fish, ShivamAwasthi, vscode_, pixelpenguin, arsh, jasje
      • ApeKattQuest: since you're here, wanna get us started?
      • ApeKattQuest
        Arararara~! hi!
      • Started sorting out the shawm/chalumeau/skalmeje mess
      • it is kinda a mess with terms being used all over the place and some instruments we do have and some we don't. always it's a bag of worms :D♋
      • fin, go Pratha-Fish 🐟
      • Pratha-Fish
        Hi all!
      • I am outside, so Ixll keep it short :)
      • ApeKattQuest
        Pratha-Fish the III
      • Pratha-Fish
        Worked on PR #3 and #4 this week
      • Also working on creating scripts for actually fetching data for our project!
      • Finally fixed all the docker issues ☠️ thanks to yvanzo
      • Also, had a short interview with Mayhem for a presentation at my university!
      • It's all about metabrainz, our work culture, and how to join metabrainz :)
      • Hopefully sent to all 20k students in my batch
      • mayhem
      • Pratha-Fish
        So expect some traffic probably :D
      • Fin 🐟
      • v6lur joined the channel
      • mayhem: would you like to go next? :)
      • reosarevok
        That's way too many students :)
      • Pratha-Fish
        True lol
      • reosarevok
        mayhem: ping? :)
      • mayhem
        sorry, all over the place today.
      • reosarevok
        No worries :)
      • mayhem
        yes, last week I had a chat with Pratha-Fish and we recorded our call, since the last time doing a skype with india didnt work so well.
      • I also worked on lb-radio adding the user and recs elements and making various other improvements and refactorings.
      • a few PRs reviewed, some accounting stuff and the usual emails.
      • and today I started a react project to make a better UI for lb-radio. much thanks for your help monkey!
      • fin. monkey, go!
      • monkey
        Hi everyone
      • Last week I continued reviewing and discussing the ongoing GSOC projects. Some good progress being made.
      • reosarevok
        People left on my list: reosarevok, bitmap, zas, yvanzo, lucifer, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, kellnerd, ShivamAwasthi, vscode_, pixelpenguin, arsh, jasje
      • monkey
        I did some final touchups and merge conflict resolution for two big ListenBrainz PRs: the new Recommendations page and the vote tagging in Listening Now.
      • Finally I spent a good bit of the week working on the summit t-shirt design ! It’s the season 🙂
      • BrainzGit
        [listenbrainz-server] 14VishalFTW opened pull request #2533 (03master…pydantic_dynamic_selection): Dynamic selection of options https://github.com/metabrainz/listenbrainz-serv...
      • zas
      • monkey
        That's my week. Go go gatget bitmap
      • bitmap
      • reosarevok
        Please no PRs during the meeting :)
      • People left on my list: reosarevok, zas, lucifer, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, kellnerd, ShivamAwasthi, vscode_, pixelpenguin, arsh, jasje
      • pixelpenguin
        reosarevok: Yes, Sorry. I will update it afterwards
      • bitmap
        sorry the wifi dropped out
      • I also ran some more query performance comparisons of pink and jimmy after some zfs changes. here are some examples if you're interested https://gist.github.com/mwiencek/de1b8ecef1d56a...
      • the summary is that most of the slow queries I pulled from the pg logs are 20-25% faster
      • reosarevok
        bitmap: all we got was "hey" :) so probably missing something before "also" :)
      • bitmap
        I also spent time on code review for musicbrainz-server and musicbrainz-bot
      • damnit
      • first message was: last week I worked on fixing how ssh keys are managed for docker-postgres-cluster, so that they're copied into the container correctly after moving to bind mounts
      • the rest should be here
      • reosarevok
        Yay faster queries
      • bitmap
        fin for my non-linear update
      • go zas?
      • zas
      • last week, I handled yet another cpu fan failure on zappa, hetzner fixed it very quickly once again
      • I also upgraded discourse, there's a new warning about a change we'll need to discuss about -> https://meta.discourse.org/t/removing-the-legac...
      • reosarevok
        Should we add it to the agenda?
      • monkey
      • zas
        We released Picard 2.9, and I worked on reported issues related to this release
      • reosarevok: yes, I guess
      • TOPIC: MetaBrainz Community and Development channel | MusicBrainz non-development: #musicbrainz | BookBrainz: #bookbrainz | Channel is logged; see https://musicbrainz.org/doc/IRC for details | Agenda: Reviews, Discourse update (zas)
      • I re-deployed Picard website after we fixed few picard plugins to work with 2.9
      • The issue I reported about keydb is making some progress to a fix, as more and more people complain about it... but I still had to restart those processes last week few times
      • apart that, usual supervision, user support, upgrades, fin. lucifer ?
      • lucifer
        hi all!
      • reosarevok
        People left on my list: reosarevok, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, kellnerd, ShivamAwasthi, vscode_, pixelpenguin, arsh, jasje
      • lucifer
        last week, i worked on getting the popularity datasets PR ready for merge, ironed out an issue regarding lb radio tags dataset and worked on getting soundcloud player ready for testing.
      • also some PR reviews and discussions about pixelpenguin and vscode_'s GSoC projects
      • that's it for me.
      • reosarevok: next?
      • reosarevok
      • Last week I did a lot of dealing with user reports
      • Since chaban found a lot of spammy spammers adding spam edits
      • Other than that, I released beta (twice, since first yvanzo made a lot of reviews before his holiday and then we had a team meeting where we reviewed even more)
      • Dealt with a few style issues, updated PRs, stuff like that
      • pixelpenguin: you? :)
      • pixelpenguin
        Hi All
      • I worked quite a bit on adding dynamic selection of query options in listen brainz api through ui as well.
      • Testing of the queries atleast locally is complete
      • I will update rest of the changes in this pr after the meeting - https://github.com/metabrainz/listenbrainz-serv...
      • Other than that, Updated similar recordings query in listen brainz.
      • That's it from my side
      • akshaaatt: go?
      • reosarevok
        pixelpenguin: fwiw, updating a PR doesn't send messages to IRC so it's probably fine :) It's just about not opening PRs if possible because it messages :)
      • akshaaatt
        Hi Everyone!
      • reosarevok
        People left on my list: atj, aerozol, kellnerd, ShivamAwasthi, vscode_, arsh, jasje
      • akshaaatt
        I’ve been reviewing PRs and thinking through the next features we should work upon other than those already discussed
      • Been doing some research and been reading some papers behind the scenes
      • I’ll discuss more once my thought process is done
      • Other than that, dealing with life as is :)
      • Go atj!
      • kellnerd
        Probably not here?
      • akshaaatt
        Go kellnerd !
      • kellnerd
      • Last week I've addressed monkey's feedback for my initial importer project PR.
      • Now we also try to extract the configuration for RabbitMQ from the config file (previously only configurable via command line args).
      • I've also ensured that the consumer can be force-quitted cleanly while the queue still contains pending imports. (There was no data loss, but the process could hang if a callback tried to confirm a message for an already closed queue).
      • Then I had to find a workaround to get Deno (whose npm compatibility is quite new) to use my locally checked-out version of an npm package.
      • Since `npm link` and soft linking did not work, the best solution was to simply copy my local build folder into Deno's cache after each build step of the package :O
      • I've also started to improve the type definitions of our BB ORM, which included publishing a new version (with monkey's help) of our Bookshelf (ORM lib) fork which includes (fixed) type definitions now.
      • Expect more of that stuff (and shuffling around currently duplicated code) next week :)
      • And I finally integrated the new features of Picard 2.9 into my tagger scripts and reported a bug related to that.
      • That's it, go vscode_
      • Hmm... if vscode_ is not here, go jasje!
      • jasje
        hello everynyan
      • last week I covered the basic building blocks of feed ui
      • all the little quirks of feed were collected
      • and thrown into if else conditions
      • and rest
      • embodied peak polymorphism
      • this week feed ui should be stitched up and ready
      • thats it for me
      • ShivamAwasthi: ?
      • ShivamAwasthi
      • reosarevok
        People left on my list: atj, aerozol, vscode_, arsh
      • ShivamAwasthi
        Last week I worked on the Relationship Type Editor
      • I also created a Relationship Types Page, which lists all the existing relationship types
      • monkey
      • ShivamAwasthi
        That's it for me. arsh?
      • arsh
        Hi everyone
      • I spent most of my last week fixing my code for the artist search feature
      • Quite a few things which were not so straightforward
      • But luckily it’s in a lot better shape
      • Began some work on the artist info panel and artist wiki part is all done
      • Hopefully will finish it up this week
      • That’s all from my side
      • aerozol: if present?
      • reosarevok
        I think it's time for the usual end of meeting call: aerozol, atj, vscode_: any of you around? If so, your turn
      • Seems we're done with reviews. zas: Discourse update?
      • zas
      • Discourse 3.2 will remove a feature we are currently using, changing the navigation a bit
      • "Your Discourse is currently using the 'legacy' navigation menu which will be removed in the first beta release of Discourse 3.2. Migrate to the new navigation menu by updating your navigation menu site setting to 'sidebar' or 'header dropdown'."
      • reosarevok
        I understand "header dropdown" is meant to be more similar to the current one while "sidebar" is their fancy new preferred option or something
      • monkey
        That's also what it looks like to me.
      • zas
        Yes, for me too
      • monkey
        I don't mind the sidebar to be honest, but I'd imagine we can use the header dropdown option without afecting our users much
      • reosarevok
        Maybe we should try header dropdown for now?
      • Since it's closer
      • Unless it's less functional than the sidebar, I see no reason to change too much
      • zas
        Or we can ask forum users?
      • monkey
        Does the header dropdown change anything compared to our current setup?
      • zas
        Not sure, it looks very similar to me
      • monkey
        I don't think it does change anything users can see : https://meta.discourse.org/t/removing-the-legac...
      • reosarevok
        I'd say change to the new header, then if you want open a thread saying "we updated to this, there's also the sidebar option which looks like that, we can use it if you prefer" and make a poll?
      • wargreen joined the channel
      • rdswift
        I was going to say just pick one and go with it, but reosarevok's suggestion makes more sense to me.
      • zas
        reosarevok: yes, I think that's the way to go
      • monkey
        I think it makes sense to get feedback from our users
      • rdswift
        And be sure to include a note about why the change is being made... Current option is no longer available.