• lucifer
        i think it would make sense to make a utility function for copying stuff and use it all around the website.
      • monkey
      • relaxoMob has quit
      • lucifer
        the python file needs a change because i updated how we access db connections, i'll pull and update
      • monkey
        Thanks! Can you also look at the failing .py tests while you're in there?
      • lucifer
      • monkey
        I'll deal with the front-end ones
      • aabbi15 joined the channel
      • aerozol: Morning! I think the new homepage is ready for prime-time, but would love your opinion if there are some quick improvements : https://test.listenbrainz.org/?redirect=false
      • It's not perfect in all screen sizes, and we may want to revisit how it looks on horizontal mobile screens in particular, but we'll need to think about that for a bit to find a good solution, which may require rewriting some things.
      • I also have a couple of suggestions for wording (I know, it's coming way too late but I've had some external feedback…)
      • In the meantime I'd love to put this version out, it's looking soooo much better already !
      • lucifer
        monkey: i actually found a better way to get unique artists count, replacing with that
      • monkey
      • relaxoMob joined the channel
      • lucifer
        pushed changes.
      • monkey: if you have some time after the meeting, it would be nice to have 2-3 small frontend good first issues.
      • i found a few for docs and a few python ones thanks to mayhem, don't have any for js stuff though
      • mayhem[m] joined the channel
      • mayhem[m]
        got enough python based ones?
      • lucifer
        can always use more.
      • preferable found, not created.
      • mayhem[m]
        pssss. you're no fun.
      • lucifer
      • has been here for 9 years.
      • mayhem[m]
        LB is 9 years old?
      • lucifer
        when was the london hack day?
      • mayhem[m]
        trying to remember. commit history might be best way to find out.
      • lucifer
        Date: Sat Sep 5 13:23:15 2015 +0200
      • mayhem[m]
        wow, I thought more like 2017.
      • time flies, seriously.
      • lucifer
        indeed indeed
      • aerozol
      • monkey: quick first impressions of home page on desktop: woooo!!
      • lucifer
        oh i always thought it was just you, alastair and RJ at the hack day. apparently there were more people. commit history shows Russ Garrett and Roman Tsukanov too.
      • ApeKattQuest
        time flies
      • like an arrow
      • fruit flies
      • like a banana
      • reosarevok
        Oh damn, speaking of time flying. 3 min to meeting, right
      • ApeKattQuest
      • lucifer
      • reosarevok
        Goddamn timezones :D
      • ApeKattQuest
        yea hey
      • I'll remind you next week too if you like
      • going early would be great tho
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      • reosarevok
      • Hi and welcome to another Monday!
      • ApeKattQuest
        si bon si bon si bon
      • reosarevok
        And good Carnival for anyone who likes wearing fancy weird clothes
      • ApeKattQuest every day
      • I don't have any mailed-in reviews today
      • My list for the day: reosarevok, bitmap, zas, mayhem, yvanzo, monkey, lucifer, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, ansh, ApeKattQuest, kellnerd, Pratha-Fish, jasje
      • (as usual, if anyone else wants in, let me know)
      • ApeKattQuest: you wanted to start?
      • ApeKattQuest
        Arararara~! hi!
      • As expected didn't get to do a lot last week.
      • but I did manage to close INST-1079 as well as finally managed to untangle the greatest floke (tangle)
      • so expect SEVERAL dudes in the database Soon™
      • BrainzBot
      • ApeKattQuest
        fin, go monkey
      • monkey
      • Last week i mostly worked on the BB search indexing, we've had some issues with a release last week
      • hotfixed for now, but working on a solution.
      • And I reviewed PRs for LB
      • That's me !
      • zas go !
      • zas
      • mayhem[m] is on the phone with the bank
      • Last week, spent some time with system reboots and a docker upgrade issue
      • it was to apply important security fixes: kernel, ssh, glibc and docker
      • Also worked a bit on Picard plugin API V3 with outsidecontext
      • I fixed an issue with mbstats: some stats were missing due to unremoved lock file after system reboot
      • plus usual supervision, upgrades, user support, PR reviews and MB edits.
      • fin. bitmap ?
      • reosarevok
        Other people in my list: reosarevok, mayhem, yvanzo, lucifer, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, ansh, kellnerd, Pratha-Fish, jasje
      • bitmap
      • last week I worked on updating https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-serve... based on review feedback, then deployed it on Friday, and subsequently had to write another patch due to a scenario I didn't think of :)
      • (which was deployed with the release today)
      • I worked a bit more on the artwork-indexer, testing and fixing a few minor things
      • helped with the multi-day server reboot project, but mostly on the PG side
      • we enabled logical replication and increased max_connections in the PG configuration
      • other than that I mostly did code review and spent time trying to debug OOM kill issues in the musicbrainz-website-test container
      • fin. go ansh
      • ansh
        Hi Everyone!
      • Last week I worked on migrating the more pages to SPA and added SEO tags to the existing pages
      • Almost every page has now been migrated to SPA
      • mayhem[m] is done with the bank
      • I also spent time on some final changes for BrainzPlayer queues.
      • Also refactored User Dashboard pages PR and spent time researching about optimising the frontend to reduce page load times by using lazy loading and caching.
      • That’s it for me!
      • lucifer: next?
      • lucifer
        hi all!
      • last week, i tried to debug the weird load peaks on kiss and an overload of database connections. nothing substantial yet, but have a few hunches about it.
      • fixed some bugs like export listens button leading to deletion of listens and helped out a user restore their listen history who was affected by it.
      • reviewed some PRs about merging content-resolver in troi and the nmslib fork.
      • that's mostly it. mayhem next?
      • reosarevok
        Other people in my list: reosarevok, yvanzo, akshaaatt, atj, aerozol, kellnerd, Pratha-Fish, jasje
      • mayhem[m]
      • last week was the usual biz dev stuff and keeping the lights on.
      • then I mostly worked on merging the content resolver into troi and packaging one of its depedencies.
      • the package is amazing, but its been abandoned with a lot of people clamoring for a new release.
      • huhridge has quit
      • so, forked it and released it. soon we'll have builds for mac as well and then the world can use these packages again.
      • thanks for everyone who made that happen! outsidecontext (IRC) lucifer (IRC) gcrk (he/him)
      • fin.
      • aerozol (IRC): go
      • aerozol
      • Finished off the blog post for the LB 2023 recap - thanks everyone who helped check and proof it!
      • Made a few new tickets, e.g. MBS-13480
      • BrainzBot
        MBS-13480: Show cover art thumbnails on Artist and Release Group pages https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-13480
      • aerozol
        Apart from that just the usual, nothing exciting sadly
      • go yvanzo!
      • yvanzo
      • Besides helping with server maintenance operations, I mainly worked on MB Solr search.
      • For GSoC org application, I redacted an MB idea based on aerozol’s suggestion of links page.
      • Also I relisted the idea of Rust binding for MB SQL schema as yellowhatpro has shown some interest.
      • Got lucifer in a call to test deploying an MB dev setup and an MB database mirror on Windows 11 with WSL 2.
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      • geetika[m]
        reosarevok (IRC): hey, i'd like to give an update too
      • yvanzo
        Plus some PR reviews, a couple of MBS beta updates, support, and tickets triage.
      • Fin, go geetika[m]!
      • geetika[m]
        I worked on the bpm tracker and finding max beat project
      • so i started out by exploring what current system does, and its fallacie with different sorts of genres and music
      • i read some repos and papers on it, and planning to implement a basic skeletal neural network based system for the same
      • this week
      • reosarevok
        geetika[m]: if you're done, call someone else :)
      • Other people in my list: reosarevok, akshaaatt, atj, kellnerd, Pratha-Fish, jasje
      • geetika[m]
        reosarevok (IRC): you could go!
      • reosarevok
      • This week I dealt with the usual support and community issues, plus I reviewed a bit more of the Spanish translation of MBS (and found more strings that needed further context)
      • huhridge joined the channel
      • And I worked on a few small URL tickets plus updated a bunch of React ones to hopefully merge soonish
      • kellnerd: you? :)
      • kellnerd
      • I was working on elbisaur a bit more to polish a few rough edges and document its current features (as I plan to pause that project in a good shape).
      • Still not there, but hopefully this week.
      • Also I was annoyed that every time when I'm working with cuesheets, chapter and tracklist formats and want to convert between specific formats, I am writing a new one-off script and forget about it afterwards.
      • aabbi15 has quit
      • So I've started to put a small library of parsers and formatters together and wrote a simple CLI which can convert between any two supported formats.
      • If anyone has a better name than cueshit (short for "cuesheetify it" 😉), now is the time to enter your suggestions.
      • That's it for the last week, go akshaaatt!
      • reosarevok
        "justoncue"? :p
      • akshaaatt
        Hi Everyone!
      • ApeKattQuest
        ew cuesheets
      • hi!
      • akshaaatt
        I released a beta for the android app recently
      • We made many bug fixes and should finalize things for a prod release asap