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      • theflash__
        aerozol[m]: hey!, can you please finalize the designs for dashboard, I am currently working on the feed revamp :D
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      • aerozol[m]
        Hey theflash_ - I need a more specific brief sorry! Do you want to meet some time this week? Or do you want to send me it in writing? I just need to know exactly what you need/what your deliverables are, and when you need them
      • I did some layouts for the Android version last week so hopefully it will be pretty straightforward. But like I said in the last meeting, I wont always be available so I need a bit of advance notice to make sure I have it to you on time 👍️
      • lucifer: did you see my question re. if the matrix move is complete? Then I can do a blog post, if you are keen (assuming everything is done). Just need the bookbrainz channel bridged to Discord and then we can include Discord in the post too
      • lucifer: On that note, I was wondering if we want to change the #musicbrainz bridge to be in the “general” Discord channel. I will bring it up in a meeting to make sure IRC/Matrix users don’t mind the #musicbrainz IRC/Matrix channel getting way busier, but since I need to ask you to make a change I would like to check with you first (unless there are instructions I can follow to change Discord bridge stuff myself)
      • On a more general, related, note, I would like to consider making some new channels, based off the most successful Discord rooms, and bridging those too. Because currently we have a lot of unlogged chat - particularly in ‘[musicbrainz] questions and help’ and ‘[musicbrainz] vote requests’. Any thoughts reosarevok? I don’t know if this really increases our admin overhead though, but if it’s easy then I can’t really think
      • of a downside
      • (Asking reo because it’s a bit of a community manager question)
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      • pranav[m]
        akshaaatt (IRC): in android, where shud be the user dashboard be displayed? I am thinking current profile screen as nothing else makes sense..
      • aerozol[m] (IRC): ^ would love ur take on it as well
      • For ref here is the current profile screen
      • pranav[m] uploaded an image: (2818KiB) < https://matrix.moviebrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/BgnNkkztzcGZKABAKHVNsvyG/ima_f3c7c8c.jpeg >
      • aerozol[m]
        pranav: I always assumed the ‘dashboard’ and ‘profile’ is the same thing (it was just named something else on the app). So the new designs replace the current one
      • pranav[m]
        Yup thanks
      • reosarevok
        aerozol[m]: I don't mind more channels necessarily although we've generally managed well with questions happening in the main channel. Does Discord get so many more questions?
      • I'd rather have a separate LB channel 😅
      • discordbrainz
        <12Aerozol> reosarevok: I think it's partly that Discord has way more discussion in general, but also that Discord users are used to having more channels. So it seems natural to have spearate channels there (here)
      • <05rustynova> Aerozol: IMO General shouldn't be bridged. While I get the intention, it has a few issues: - General is too... General. While there's a lot of MB talk, it's not just MB. There's other metabrainz products being discussed, and also just chatting in general. Is it was bridging the metabrainz channel it would have been more thematic, but also bring too much chatting IMO. However this could be fixed by just making a MusicBrainz
      • general and a normal general in the "off topic" category. Could even add an "other brainz" chat if you feel like it. - Discord users expect a minimum of markdown being available. IDK what IRC/matrix client people use, but it would need for people to be willing to see raw markdown. - I'd love a question and help bridge. While the answers here are pretty good, it doesn't beat the words of god I mean- the experts. Can't never have too many
      • opinions
      • <12Aerozol> RustyNova: #musicbrainz is 'general' chat as well
      • <12Aerozol> We don't have to bridge anything though - there is an emerging issue though that there are Discord users who feel there is a 'community consensus' around some edits, when the discussion has only happened in a closed platform bubble. tbh ideally everything would be open and logged
      • <05rustynova> True, but most people do consider it a bit less than general. It's tucked away in the IRC category and restrict medias. Maybe if it was bumped up in the MB category it would be more friendly?
      • <12Aerozol> Sorry, I meant the IRC/Matrix '#musicbrainz' channel - it aligns pretty well with your description of what 'general' is being used for in Discord. Discussion of various brainz things, a bit of music chat, etc. And, of course, MB questions.
      • outsidecontext
        yvanzo, lucifer: you recently asked for the Picard ticket for MB oauth, it's https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/PICARD-2772
      • BrainzBot
        PICARD-2772: Support MetaBrainz OAuth2
      • discordbrainz
        <12Aerozol> I don't expect this to happen any time soon tbh, but I think we should start thinking about how we let Discord grow and still keep it 'connected' with other users, and in line with the open ethos
      • <05rustynova> OHH. I see. I don't use matrix so I won't have any input on this.
      • <12Aerozol> RustyNova: In the short term I might indeed just move the bridges up a bit and change their names to be a bit more obvious as to what they should be (e.g. '#metabrainz' might become 'development')
      • <12Aerozol> (In Discord)
      • <12Aerozol> Ugh, why am I not just renaming 'general' to 'welcome', renaming the musicbrainz bridge to 'general', and done. I'll take it slow though and see if there is any feedback in Discord as well as in the other channels... let me know if you have thoughts on that @rustynova
      • <12Aerozol> If anyone on Matrix/IRC feels strongly about discussion really picking up in the musicbrainz channel please let me know. I will make it a meeting topic first as well, so it gets some eyes on it.
      • <05rustynova> Welcome sounds like the channel you dump your new member messages. Go there when entering, never check again. I'd say to rename the MB bridge to general-musicbrainz and that would make it easy to see. There's general, and then the specialized general. Would replace the current general's location by the bridge, and the put the current general right under "introduce yourself" too, so that it's clear it's a separate things
      • <05rustynova> Then if other specialized IRC bridge pop up, we can add them to their own category
      • <12Aerozol> Dumping the new member messages into 'welcome' is exactly the plan. And then have general chat take part in the logged channel/bridge. And agreed re replacing the location in the sidebar
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      • atj[m]
        If we are moving official channels to Matrix then we should have a Discord bridge here not on IRC. That might give us a bit more flexibility.
      • discordbrainz
        <12Aerozol> I would be removing the IRC Bridge category completely, any new specialized bridges would be added to the existing Discord channels. The idea is to merge the chats, not have two concurrent ones
      • <12Aerozol> atj: Good to know!
      • atj[m]
        It's not my call but having more channels seems like a better fit on Matrix with a Discord bridge.
      • I think the vote requests channel on Discord is very useful. It often precipitates further discussion and helps new editors.
      • It has to be a separate channel though IMO.
      • discordbrainz
        <05rustynova> Well as long as people don't mind general non MusicBrainz in the MusicBrainz channel then it's fine. And yes, the vote request is definitely something I'd want. I don't use it much personally, but when I do, I'm always one vote off. I'd love to vote more there too, but I'm mostly checking discord on mobile, and I got it to auto open links in firefox focus...
      • atj[m]
        hmm, development on the matrix discord bridge doesn't seem very active
      • natrius[m]
        What do you mean with "Active"?
      • Development?
      • Otherwise, often the service https://t2bot.io/discord/ is used - i use it for all the logseq channels i have bridged to discord.
      • But there are 4 different one for selfhosting https://matrix.org/ecosystem/bridges/discord/
      • atj[m]
        I was referring to the first one in the list on the matrix.org page
      • and yes, I meant development
      • we would tend to prefer a bridge supported by matrix-docker-ansible-deploy
      • natrius[m]
        You could join #discord-bridge:matrix.org and ask there :) But yeah, 9 months is quite some time.
      • atj[m]
        I haven't looked at the list yet
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      • pranav[m] uploaded an image: (1502KiB) < https://matrix.moviebrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/OLWnBYiioUdGtpRDBlwOQnBy/ima_b41ac08.jpeg >
      • pranav[m]
        aerozol[m] (IRC): once could u pls explain not listening now part in the user dashboard? No rush.. after today’s dev meet is also fine
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      • MonkeyPython
        [11:07] kellnerd[m] It is shown as s/search/replace/ on IRC 😀
      • I mean, I've seen (and do myself) on IRC specifically because to show the "error fix" convention
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      • [07:52] aerozol[m] lucifer: On that note, I was wondering if we want to change the #musicbrainz bridge to be in the “general” Discord channel. I will bring it up in a meeting to make sure IRC/Matrix users don’t mind the #musicbrainz IRC/Matrix channel getting way busier,
      • I definitely wouldn't mind
      • I miss busy #musicbrainz
      • personally I'd want questions and help and voye requests in the *same* general chat
      • -> [08:33] reosarevok I'd rather have a separate LB channel 😅 <-
      • this
      • Imissgeneral chat in #musicbrainz.. man 10 15 years aro.. it was so busy!
      • s/aro/ago/
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      • atj[m]
        I think vote requests works really well as a separate channel on discord because they don't get lost in the noise of general chatter
      • so you can look at the channel when you have a spare 15 mins and go through and catch up on all the edits
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      • reosarevok
        Yeah, I think that's why the forum has one long-ass thread for them too
      • theflash__
        aerozol[m]: sure, I am up for meet. I will also write down the queries and whatever I need to you in this week regarding the design.
      • atj[m]
        a busier #musicbrainz for general chatter sounds great, helps to foster the community a bit more
      • but I think we'd then need a dev focused channel too
      • I don't mind that personally but not sure about others
      • reosarevok
        Because they're a useful thing that they are needed but otherwise they can take over everything :)
      • #metabrainz as a dev channel makes sense to me still, yes. I do wonder if it should be called metabrainz-dev and have a full user-faced channel for all meb things on the side, but I dunno :)
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      • mr44er[m]
        dev/"internal"/metabrainz sorta should stay separated, serverstuff is normally nothing normal people work with and it could be more confusing than useful.
      • all other stuff could be in one channel, separated via threads, this way nothing should be missed
      • maybe an opinion poll would a good idea 🙂
      • * poll would be a good
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      • lucifer
        aerozol[m]: migration is complete. just need to update all contact pages to point to matrix.
      • can add the bookbrainz bridge to discord too. let me know when you want to change the channels will do it at once.
      • natrius[m]
        I think discord often has "too much" channels.
      • atj[m]
        I think we're trying to find a middle way, but it makes sense to have separate channels for certain areas.
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        [listenbrainz-server] 14rimma-kubanova opened pull request #2896 (03master…import): Fixed import playlist from Spotify https://github.com/metabrainz/listenbrainz-serv...
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      • [troi-recommendation-playground] 14rimma-kubanova opened pull request #141 (03main…importpatch): A new Patch for importing playlists from Spotify https://github.com/metabrainz/troi-recommendati...
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      • akshaaatt
        pranav agreed on the dashboard discussion. It will replace profile
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        [bookbrainz-data-js] 14MonkeyDo merged pull request #315 (03master…BB-768): part of issue BB-768 : updating the edition model function https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-data-j...
      • [bookbrainz-data-js] release 03v5.1.0 has been published by 14github-actions[bot]: https://github.com/metabrainz/bookbrainz-data-j...
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      • sascha
        hey, I was wondering if importing my last.fm history into Musicbrainz causes duplicates if I was usually using Spotify for recording my listening history. Spotify was also connected to last.fm, so in theory the history should be the same but I was testing Tidal which only has a last.fm integration and I would like to keep ListenBrainz up to date as
      • well
      • discordbrainz
        <05rustynova> In theory, if the listened_at timestamp is the same on spotify and lastfm, it should not get duplicated. ... However you need to not have them duplicated. IDK how you scroble your listens, but I know that https://web-scrobbler.com/ and spotify don't send the same timestamp, and you may want to disable scrobbling for spotify
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      • TOPIC: MetaBrainz Community and Development channel | MusicBrainz non-development: #musicbrainz | BookBrainz: #bookbrainz | Channel is logged and not empty as it is bridged to IRC; see https://musicbrainz.org/doc/IRC for details | agenda: summit e-visa & Taj Mahal (lucifer), chatbrainz (lucifer)
      • reosarevok
      • Hi from an airport and welcome to another MetaBrainz Monday Meeting!
      • Mmm 😋