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      • iconoclasthero
        Picard: "Feat. Artists in Titles" plugin moves "featured" artists but not "with" artists.
      • 1. is there a more comprehensive plugin f/this?
      • 2. i believe i saw something that tries to normalize the "featured"/"with"/etc. designations, is that the best workaround?
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      • outsidecontext[m
        iconoclasthero: that plugin is one of the very simple ones. You could tweak the regular expression used for matching the featuring to also include with, see https://github.com/metabrainz/picard-plugins/bl...
      • Or you use scripting. What the plugin does can also be done with scripting
      • why?
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      • iconoclasthero[m
        this is such an insoluble problem.
      • well, for all i know it could have been you who told me putting artists in track titles is "bad"
      • and i cannot figure out how to deal with them.
      • and obviously everyone has some sort of similar problem around this otherwise there wouldn't be all these various workarounds.
      • i'm trying to avoid this:
      • outsidecontext[m
        I don't think I said this. If you prefer it in the track title it is fine. You just shouldn't put it in the track title for data you submit to MB
      • iconoclasthero[m
        it was a couple years ago.
      • anyway...
      • iconoclasthero[m uploaded an image: (248KiB) < https://matrix.chatbrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/kDmTsbeValSPJreDuueCdGHT/Screenshot%20from%202024-06-17%2011-47-22.png >
      • iconoclasthero[m uploaded an image: (241KiB) < https://matrix.chatbrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/nRDjzDOrEtNywfFWrpWlUedr/Screenshot%20from%202024-06-17%2011-48-29.png >
      • if you look at the left pane, the problem is that when i have unusually long names because of featured artists, it messes things up.
      • this is an e.g., but the problem is across various things.
      • putting the info in the artist means i have a million artists depending on how i sort...
      • i was thinking about removing it from both and just relying on tags.
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      • i actually went and truncated a pink floyd track title because it was too long.
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      • discordbrainz
        <05cheekychoccy> I remember making a tagger script to move more variations of feat. to the title with some regex so it's definitely doable, I don't think I still have mine though since I stopped doing that
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      • iconoclasthero
        at some point i stopped caring and failed to notice the renaming plugin wasn't there anymore.
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      • atj[m]
        <iconoclasthero[m> "well, for all i know it could..." <- i'll tell you it now for free if you want
      • because yes it is bad
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      • iconoclasthero[m
        atj[m]: i'm deeply ambivalent about where to stick them.
      • atj[m]
        it feels like you should probably just ignore them? the value of featuring artists being properly credited as artists is so they can be referenced and indexed
      • outsidecontext[m
        iconoclasthero: here are two Picard scripts, one to move featuring from artist to title and one to remove it from both artist and title. The matching patterns also considers "with". https://gist.github.com/phw/7ff4ab97252b4f24881...
      • atj[m]
        but you didn't seem to see that as a benefit
      • iconoclasthero[m
        atj[m]: the value of featured artists being properly credited is so that when I go back and listen to a TTB show from the 2016 Jazz fest, I can know, if I look at the song, that e.g., SRV's brother played a particular song with them.
      • capturing that information is of value to me.
      • atj[m]
        so we agree :)
      • iconoclasthero[m
        the ambivalence comes from the fact that i don't necessaily want to see that information when I'm looking at large views of the library.
      • * i don't ~~necessaily, * necessaily~~, * normally want to
      • * i don't ~necessaily, * necessaily~, * normally want to
      • s/necessaily/normally/
      • atj[m]
        i think most media players don't handle featuring artists very well, but then the tagging situation isn't great
      • iconoclasthero[m
        there's a warren haynes benefit concert series and he's got a bunch of bands and whatnot so there are titles like
      • `'02-11 - Gov'\''t Mule with Larry McCray, Derek Trucks, Jason Patterson, Yonrico Scott, & Johnny Neel -- It Hurts Me Too.mp3'`
      • `'02-12 - Gov'\''t Mule -- Merry Christmas Baby (feat. Little Milton, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks & Johnny Neel).mp3'`
      • which is what got me exercised about this today.
      • i think maybe what would work for me is to start using albumartist for the filenaming pattern and leave the artists there.
      • file names would end up normal and i'd have that info in the artist tags.
      • inre media players...i use mpd and the front end that looks at them is custom.
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      • within the structure of the MBDB (assume i will map a data to a flac tag as necessary), if I look at https://musicbrainz.org/release/d1297826-3a34-4...
      • are the tags are written such that the primary artist is always the first in the listing of artist mbids e.g., for 02-11 Gov't Mule's the first artist ID. Is that fixed?
      • s/are//
      • MusicBrainz Artist Id : f8796712-19fd-49ca-9cc7-99c30215b3cd/09c635be-c8e8-4f89-94bf-05c66b8144a1/954a45e0-5e21-44ae-8d56-44b79b4f1cb3/43c9b1d1-f76a-4303-a0d5-f6e7235febcc/98a9cd76-93bd-4643-9713-7423b5925523/890c46a6-0a48-4a6c-a2a4-4414d78f85bc
      • iconoclasthero[m uploaded an image: (230KiB) < https://matrix.chatbrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/download/matrix.org/XorAtvHeeiWEqQcfBvveiKJf/Screenshot%20from%202024-06-17%2013-30-09.png >
      • i have something significantly more usable, i'm just trying to figure out a way to trick out "Various Artists" to the primary track artist.
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      • BobSwift[m]
        If you want to do it in scripting, have a look at the "Additional Artists Variables" plugin. There is a user guide at: https://github.com/rdswift/picard-plugins/blob/...
      • iconoclasthero[m
        you mean like script a "Primary artist" tag for VA releases?
      • BobSwift[m]
        I mean like extracting a primary artist for an album (or track).
      • iconoclasthero[m
        <BobSwift[m]> "I mean like extracting a primary..." <- and save it to a metadata tag?
      • BobSwift[m]
        Yup. The plugin creates a whole bunch of artist related script variables.
      • iconoclasthero[m
        that's the line I was thinking along. the issue with resorting to metadata mpd doesn't store is that I'll need another (probably costly) fork to get the info from the metadata of each song.
      • I'm thinking of some logic in awk/my bash script that will check for VA as the albumartist and pull from a non-printing %artist% field returned by mpc, stripping everything that could be interpreted as "with" and "feat" artists....
      • though the mpd protocol itself stores a few mbtags.
      • mpc doesn't spit them out though.
      • i'll rewrite mpc then i guess
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      • if it is interesting to anyone, it seems that it takes about 35% longer to pull the mb artist id from mutagen and then get the name from the api than just the latter (i.e., if i engage the mpd protocol instead of using mpc and return the mb artist ids that way)... (full message at <https://matrix.chatbrainz.org/_matrix/media/v3/...>)
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