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      • CatQuest
        hmm.. the more I've been working with works (:D)
      • the more I'm not at all convinced that a book (such as https://beta.bookbrainz.org/edition/0fd06a26-8a... ) shouldn't be it's own work anyway. Neil hiself edited and put it together. so it's his "work" of putting it together
      • most other such books of smal stoies has soem thoguht or idea putting it together. it is the "work" of the notologists or editors. neverthe less it makes it easier for users to add works and linking things
      • another example is the one i'm adding now, in it are the origin lnovelette "The sleeper and the Spindle" but preceding it here is another small story from the pricking-finger with's pov. and then there is In Relig Odhrán, which is a poem about saints being buried to keep buldings standing. and the following story "Black Dog".. well spoler: that bit is relevant in this story
      • clearly there was soem thoguht put inot putting thm in this order
      • it's actually kinda neat
      • oh! Mr_Monkey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aarne%E2%80%93Tho... this looks like an interesting attribute to add eventually
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      • s/attribute/identifyer/
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