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      • akashgp09
        I am really happy my proposal got selected. Thank you for the opportunity. Looking forward for a wonderful summer. <3
      • Mr_Monkey
        !m akashgp09
      • BrainzBot
        You're doing good work, akashgp09!
      • Mr_Monkey
        Looking forward to it as well !
      • And kudos to everyone else who submitted a proposal, it was really a tough choice
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      • ShivamAwasthi
        congrats akashgp09!
      • feeling a bit sad because I didnt make it this year, but i guess it is what it is'=(
      • I learnt a lot these last couple of months, and am hoping to stay here and learn a lot more in the future
      • Mr_Monkey
        Keep up the good work ShivamAwasthi , and better luck next year !
      • ShivamAwasthi
        thanks Mr_Monkey
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