• v6lur
        <reosarevok> v6lur, what's with http://musicbrainz.org/artist/73c6c26c-16e0-45b... ?
      • what of it?
      • reosarevok
        Mostly: why have members there and not just as relationships?
      • v6lur
        possibly because i was too lazy to add them at the time
      • reosarevok
      • v6lur
        not sure
      • reosarevok
        It'd be nice if you could add them and remove it :)
      • v6lur
        now that i look at them, it *is* weird
      • reosarevok is going through the list of EE artists importing stuff like crazy with FreeDB + ester
      • heh
      • you should get a prize or something from the ministry of culture or whatever :D
      • reosarevok
        I'd rather get Ester to map to MB :p
      • But yeah, probably not that easy
      • :p
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      • (that's what I'm importing now / will do tomorrow)
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      • I kinda suspect we could build a bot for this
      • That looks at freeDB, queries ESTER, looks at the MARC code, compares, and adds if it fits
      • ("we" as in "someone", I certainly could not)
      • v6lur
        aahh - i know why i didn't just add them as ARs
      • (herald)
      • their roles in the band would be "lost"
      • reosarevok
        Oh, I see
      • I guess they can stay there then - not that important
      • v6lur
        but i'll add them as ARs, too
      • reosarevok
        As long as the rels are also in place
      • v6lur
        those who aren't already, hat is
      • reosarevok
      • heh
      • I wonder if ester counts as "a discography entry"
      • reosarevok goes to bed, exam in 8 hours
      • Night!
      • v6lur
      • (and as for ester as discography entry, i'm very hesitant... i don't think i'd add it as such)
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      • cloq
        hey, what data does Picard use when I have it set to "translate foreign artist name if possible"? I thought it looks at the sort name...
      • I'm asking because it returns uncapitalised "yonin bayashi" for this one http://musicbrainz.org/artist/63a002a8-395a-44f...
      • there're aliases as well, but they don't even have their locale set, so I'm a little confused
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      • kepstin
        what version of picard?
      • cloq
        it's straight from git, I suppose it might be a bug then
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      • bitmap
        cloq: it only uses aliases that have locales set, so it's using the sort name
      • cloq: it looks like a server bug though, not a Picard bug, since it's returning the sort name as lowercase
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      • it returns "Yonin Bayashi" as the sort name for the release artist, but "yonin bayashi" for the recording artists
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      • cloq: I made a ticket for the bug here: http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/MBS-4263
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      • cloq
        bitmap: thanks :)
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      • kepstin has fail drawing skills ;) https://github.com/kepstin/riker/wiki/GUI-Mockups
      • jacobbrett
        kepstin, I don't know what I'm looking at :O
      • kepstin
        man, I'm way out of practise using my drawing tablet. Throwing it in the bottom of a box for most of a year ≠ good idea.
      • kepstin said he would draw what the riker music player might look like today, and so there it is.
      • jacobbrett
        hehe; I haven't used these, though I think I'll check them out for my own mockups: http://pencil.evolus.vn/en-US/Home.aspx http://wireframesketcher.com/
      • Thank you, kepstin ;)
      • kepstin
        man, using actual tools for stuff? that's cheating ;)
      • kepstin had a drawing program with a pen and eraser tool :)
      • although the real reason for that is that my tablet was misbehaving with better drawing tools in weird ways :/
      • I'll have to poke at the drivers and see what's up with that.
      • I could always open up glade and throw together a 'real' gui quickly :/
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      • VxJasonxV
      • a dedicated music player, kepstin? That's a tall order
      • also poo he left
      • ianmcorvidae
        the actual playing of audio files he's probably using gstreamer for
      • it's mostly the MB integration that he's wanting to create
      • frewsxcv
        i want a music player that revolves around musicbrainz. if i were to import an album into the player, i would assign it an MBID, and tags would auto update
      • ianmcorvidae
        you may like the concept for riker then :)
      • frewsxcv
      • ianmcorvidae
        kepstin's player
      • https://github.com/kepstin/riker pre-pre-alpha at the moment
      • i.e. doesn't actually play music nor have complete DB functionality, etc
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      • CatCat
        [16:59] xpltI </3 Opera :(
      • loi wheni read that I was like "what's release with opera gone wrong agin?" or something
      • aah, lilleman, en svenske! hei hei!
      • skandinavier tar over!! >)
      • derwin
        OMG THE LULZ
      • I am going to put out a record with the same name
      • as this guy
      • whose artist name is
      • "Motion (2)"
      • so that on discogs my release
      • will belong to
      • "Motion (2)(2)"
      • CatCat
        [08:38] ianmcorvidaewe have unsecured wireless or other unsecured wireless (one of them has a once-per-semester
      • JELOUS!
      • my school is PARANOID to the extreemewhen it comes to security
      • [09:16] kepstin-laptopdynamic playlist: songs released in the 1980s with vocals performed by a female
      • [09:16] kepstin-laptopwouldn't playlists like that be ridiculously awesome?
      • yes
      • yes they would
      • jacobbrett
        derwin: Isn't that just the system Discogs uses for multiple artists with the same name?
      • CatCat
        yes it is but his guy is called moting (2) in porpewr afaik
      • motion
      • it almost looks like he did it on purpose cause of discogs
      • hey derwin, do you have last.fm?
      • derwin
        jacobbrett: that's my point is, his normal name is Motion (2)
      • jacobbrett
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      • CatCat
        anyway now i have freinded lotsa people , help me bump sigil of my userbox x. plz? I'm sick of it being there for like a year or whatever. http://www.last.fm/user/Nasasie
      • flamingspinach
      • do artist credits have an independent existence?
      • I thought they only existed as components of a tracklist of a medium
      • but I don't see a link to said medium on this edit's page
      • then again nor do I see a link a page for the purported artist credit object, which I suppose should exist if artist credits do have an independent existence
      • CatCat
        it's case there has been name changes
      • they guy didn't do enough research when adding the first artists. so now everyone is runnign around renaming nad merging his adds XD
      • to be fair he tries ot fix it too
      • cloq
        now that's one juicy shoutbox
      • CatCat
      • please fill it with derp or nyancat or whatever
      • i want his bullshit of my page
      • cloq
        apparently you cherish it to some extent
      • or you don't know you can just delete it
      • CatCat
        no you got it wrong. i keep it bnecause i don't delete comments
      • cloq
        haha ok
      • CatCat
        i make qa point of not deletign comments. especially since *H*e did also delete my comments (and the comments of anyone who disagrees with him)
      • ok :)
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      • mat_
        in the track parser I currently have X.<tab>track<tab>artist<tab>(duration) but the artists don't seem to be parsed right, what's the format I should use ?
      • nikki
        1. title - artist (duration)
      • mat_
        ah, yes, great :-)
      • nikki
        and if you have a jira account, voting on http://tickets.musicbrainz.org/browse/MBS-2120 to show your support for more than just that would also be nice :)
      • mat_
        I'll have a look at that when I'm done :-)
      • also, there are a few tracks with (feat: someone) I see there is a "credits" link for each track, is that what it's for ?
      • nikki
        among other things, yes
      • it lets you credit multiple artists and/or artists using a variation of their name, so if "artist a" and "artist b" do a song together as "a & b", you can link both artists *and* say "artist a" was credited as just "a" and "artist b" was credited as just "b"
      • mat_
        yes, got that
      • nikki
        for featuring artists, we stick to " feat. " as the "join phrase" (the text that links the two artists)
      • (there's more examples of how to enter them at http://wiki.musicbrainz.org/Style/Titles/Featur... )
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