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      • VxJasonxV
      • beatport api just shut down except for "approved partners"
      • could someone officially affiliated with MBz request access?
      • I'll maintain the parser :P
      • Beatport's tech lead has reached out to MBz before.
      • by tech lead I mean CTO or IT lead or something
      • looks like I might just be able to read data-* values from html tags
      • maybe
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      • 502 o clock?
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      • luks
        kepstin-laptop: 0.8 was reserved for a wxwidgets version if the qt port failed :)
      • and wxwidgets was replaced simply because it was too buggy to be usable
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      • JonnyJD
        Harzilein: ^
      • Hadora
      • Would you think an Instagram page can be considered as a microblog ?
      • deep question ..
      • reosarevok
        Just add it as social network
      • I think we should just merge microblog into social network anyway - nobody uses the word "microblog" anymore :p
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      • Harzilein
        reosarevok: they did!
      • reosarevok: during the recent chinese earthquake, the same news anchors who during the olympic games had to stress that they don't have twitter in china, and who _always_ used "twitter" in the context of the arab spring, were suddenly forced to say that people called for help through _microblogging_.
      • reosarevok
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      • xteejx
        Anyone here?
      • VxJasonxV
        there are 108 people here
      • asking that question likely didn't resolve your real question though
      • xteejx
        ah bugger ;)
      • It's about the lastfm plus plugin
      • I want Genre to be tagged with the most popular tag per track from last.fm. I've almost got it, but it's picking some stupid ones
      • JonnyJD
        xteejx: add these stupid ones to your blacklist. Stupid ones are the most popular.
      • blacklist -> ignore list
      • xteejx
        I'll redefine "stupid" : Ones that *would* be correct but not for that track. Example: Madness - Lovestruck - Rock .... I'd have put it as ska, and looking at last.fm that tag is indeed there, but the rock one isn't?
      • Settings: Minor Tags : 1 // Genres: ambient, ballad, blues, chillout, christian, christmas, club, comedy, country, dance, disco, doo wop, drum and bass, dubstep, easy listening, electro, emo, folk, funk, garage, grime, happy hardcore, hip hop, house, indie, jazz, jungle, kids, latin, lounge, metal, motown, new age, party, pop, punk, r&b, rap, rave, reggae, rock, salsa, samba, ska, soul, swing, techno, trance
      • Major is set to 0, but it'as the only way it seems to put it in the Genre tag
      • JonnyJD
        hm, no clue. I normally use the "non-plus" last.fm plugin
      • xteejx
        hm, it's really bugging me. I'd have thought with just 1 tag it'd take the most popular one by count
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      • JonnyJD
        a wild guess, Is it maybe only taking genres that are specified in the mp3 list?
      • but Ska should be in there
      • xteejx
        ska is there though...?
      • oh weird...if I copy the same tag list to Major and set major AND minor to 1, it comes up with Grouping and Genre to ska
      • meh, I think I've sorted it out, thanks JonnyJD :)
      • best go and carry on tagging 32000 tracks ;)
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      • Hadora
        Tried this edit, is it welcomed or not ? http://musicbrainz.org/edit/23953029
      • there is a risk some tracks might not be the same, but otherwise it will never be cleaned
      • what's the guideline if there is a doubt?
      • JonnyJD
        Hadora: why do you guess there are all the same, even if there are even some times missing?
      • Hadora
        time missing are from mix, I thought it was now eligible for merging ?
      • once again this is a tentative edit
      • i'm ready to cancel it :)
      • JonnyJD
        well, I also don't have a reason to think this wasn't released in the same version that many times.
      • I'll just not vote. Don't have much experience with chart music anyways (my music never has that many tracks per recording)
      • Hadora
        that risk is driven by the fact that these dupes drive me crazy
      • thanks for your opinion!
      • JonnyJD
        they are already attached to the same work, I guess?
      • That would be more important
      • (which of course happens automatically when the recordings get merged)
      • Hadora
        hmm i haven't check that
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      • CallerNo6 reads http://www.brainpickings.org/index.php/2013/09/27/shady-characters-irony/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+brainpickings%2Frss+%28Brain+Pickings%29
      • CallerNo6
      • STalKer-X
        Hadora, JonnyJD: that would probably more easy to merge if the recordings were properly tagged =X
      • and/or had AcoustID / ISRC codes assigned
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      • one reason i only submit discs i own ;)
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      • Freso is in essay writing mood tonight
      • Freso
      • Anyone have a question they need answering? I'm on a roll right now.
      • simukis_
        Freso: There's always “To be or not to be?”
      • CallerNo6 sez don't be
      • CallerNo6 suspects Freso is more of a "be" kinda guy
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      • Freso is more of a be-while-not-being kinda guy, actually
      • Freso
        I don't get that kind of "or" questions.
      • If Hamlet asked me that, I'd answer: "Yes".
      • CallerNo6
        Nice. When Hamlet evolves into a Rocky Horror kind of audience-participation thing, we should all shout "yes".
      • (and with that, Freso breathed new life into the renn faire scene)
      • warp
      • Leftmost
        Freso, help me write BB! :-P
      • CallerNo6 was gonna ask, "wutcha workin' on?". Shoulda guessed.
      • warp writes some tests for his open metadata database REST interface.
      • drsaunde
        Hello out there, we're on the air, it's Hockey Night tonight.
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      • Freso
        Leftmost: I wish I had the time.
      • Leftmost: But then, if I did, I would probably take up MBo again. :p
      • Leftmost
        Everything else is unimportant.
      • Freso
        Leftmost: I'm not sure I agree.
      • Leftmost
        Well why the heck not?
      • Freso
        Leftmost: I'm apparently about to embark on a mission to get Danish b-boy culture documented.
      • warp
        Freso: that does sound fun and interesting.
      • reosarevok
        Freso: so we need BBBrainz?
      • drsaunde
        how do you poplock with those wooden shoes?
      • (sorry couldn't resist)
      • Freso
        drsaunde: So much fail in that sentence... :|
      • reosarevok: Or just DanceBrainz
      • warp: Indeed. :)
      • drsaunde: There's no such thing as "poplock". "Popping" is one style, "locking" is another.
      • drsaunde: And the Danes aren't known for using wooden shoes last I checked - that's the Dutch.
      • And I can confirm that warp indeed was wearing wooden shoes at the summit.
      • ;)
      • drsaunde
        i always thought poplock based on one the originals: https://musicbrainz.org/recording/97544922-e54f...
      • Freso
        Yeah.... no.