• _ruaok is still working hard
      • nikki_ did 3 of the 9 things on her to do list
      • nikki_
        and must now sleep.
      • night
      • inhouseuk
        sleep well nikki
      • _ruaok: you'll be pleased to know that replication is fine, my server is now upto date
      • _ruaok
      • thanks for that report.
      • inhouseuk
      • nikki_
        mine is too
      • nikki_ finished writing an email and is gone
      • _ruaok
      • nikki_
        and if mine didn't break, it must be ok ;)
      • _ruaok
      • nikki_
        since mine break if I just look at it
      • +s
      • _ruaok
        now to get the damn trm server up again
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      • pankkake
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      • _ruaok
        trm is running again. can anyone verify that for me?
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      • teleGUISE__
        yes its working
      • _ruaok
      • one last little thing and then I am taking a break
      • yllona
        later folks
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      • SenRepus angryly removes and throws away all "extra" buttons on his keyboard for things like mute, web, email and the like.
      • SenRepus
        after accidentally opening 30 FireFoxes, Outlook Express, and two instances of some other program.
      • Jetpack
        i dont use those buttons
      • SenRepus
        neither do i
      • my moniter pressed them
      • _ruaok goes to take break
      • they have also resulted in countless "why the fuck did my sound just cut out/get louder/get quiets and other such things
      • _ruaok is away: getting fresh air
      • now all that remains is 12 empty button holes
      • are...
      • never again!
      • Jetpack
        google shares down 10 %
      • SenRepus
        Sen shares up 14% !
      • Jetpack
      • whats Sen?
      • lots of people in suits smiling for some reason
      • on tv
      • fuchs
      • inhouseuk
        hi fuchs
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      • fuchs
        hi inhouse :)
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      • _ruaok returns
      • inhouseuk
        did you have a nice break?
      • _ruaok
        errands mostly, but yes.
      • ironically I am really looking forward to the three hour drive today and tomorrow.
      • no hacking. just boring drive and music.
      • seems.... idyllic. :-)
      • inhouseuk
        it'll get you out away from a keyboard for a while
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      • inhouseuk decides to head for bed
      • night all
      • mustaqila
      • mustaqila goes to sleep too
      • _ruaok
        night both of you!
      • and thanks much for your help today inhouseuk
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      • Muti
        mmm... lucene search is nice
      • I find myself hopping on to the test server to use it and then using the trackid/albumid to import to picard
      • _ruaok grins
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      • _ruaok
        _ruaok is now known as ruaok
      • ruaok shows up, just to leave
      • ruaok
        I'm off to pick up Bender and Catbus!
      • ruaok is away: picking up bender and catbus
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      • the_heretic
        I take the TRM server is down due to the move or something?
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      • teleGUISE_
        the_heretic: no it should work fine... just checked it..
      • the_heretic
        hmm, odd I'm getting a 404 error when I fire up my tagger
      • teleGUISE_
        ie cache's weird ..
      • did u try loading & looking up tracks to see if that portion works..
      • tried mbtagger & picard just now, both are fine here
      • the_heretic
        I'll clear my cach.. yeah I tried looking up some tracks (a few dozen) and all of them errored
      • er s/cach/cache/
      • MBChatLogger
        windows == pure evil
      • the_heretic
        I think I need to reboot windoze.. I gotta couple other things acting weird too now
      • later
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      • teleGUISE_
        can anyon think of why pasting a url in pure ascii when related to (parenthesis) and such would be a problem vs. putting the ugly %28, %29 url's ?
      • as an AR link and such...
      • BrianG
        i dont see why it's a problem
      • or an issue
      • a URL is a URL
      • teleGUISE_
        i was just curious I know i've never had a problem with browsers i use.. but since i am not an opera user or mac if one of their browsers had issues with hyperlinks containing () ' " etc..
      • BrianG
        where is someone saying to use one over the other?
      • teleGUISE_
        no where... i happen to be working on another artist that has quite a few wikipedia albums and it reminded me to ask.. my answer was probably going to be if it didnt work in a certain browser to get a new one anyway :O but i was just curious so i didnt have to hear someone whining later
      • i gather wikipedia only does it that way to make it easier to distinguish for people using alternate language sets from symbols
      • BrianG
        browsers that can't read one or the other are buggy.
      • and the only one that i've heard has issues is Maxathon? or something like that
      • teleGUISE_
        ruaok: question for when ur back .. does mb still get revenue when purchases are made from 'Amazon Marketplace Sellers' ?? Such as something like this - http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000006J6T/
      • BrianG
        there was a small discussion on mb-style about this on 1/30/06
      • teleGUISE_
        ahh... well for the 50 people that use that oh well ;)
      • BrianG
        i dont see any amazon associates refrence in any outgoing amazon link from MB
      • teleGUISE_
        i guess you normally wouldnt until you clicked sellers.. like such as here - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000006J6T/
      • what i was getting at was adding a enhancement request to allow customer uploaded images to be able to be used for asin links.. such as that.. i didn't look before i added and as you can see here - http://musicbrainz.org/album/c912f231-b4f4-4a67... this album dioesn't display anything but a placeholder
      • BrianG
        oh i read your question wrong
      • i like how wikipedia handels album covers
      • teleGUISE_
        didn't know the in's and out's of how working with amazon is and displaying of images via sellers.. though i guess if amazon can do it then there should be no violation made for mbrainz to use them as well
      • BrianG
        well.. if t he album being sold already has a cover on amazon than it'll show up. so i dont think its exactly a marketplace issue.
      • teleGUISE_
        yes.. i asked about the possibility of doing that here before but 'of course' there are so many other more pressing issues that it wasn't a top 10 for ru. Of course it would be nice but really doesnt help provide revenue & may just increase traffic
      • BrianG
        but yeah.. place holder images would be nice to not see
      • teleGUISE_
        theres obviously big copyright issues when it comes to cover images
      • BrianG
        maybe eventually amazon will yoink decent user submited images to thier actual album cover database
      • i think under a certain image resolution would be fine for fair use
      • teleGUISE_
        im guessing so too.. since thats exactly as how wikipedia even states it
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      • it's kind of nice how amazon does it... they use theirs and if none display users.. but while some are 500x500 most are 300x300 and then quite a few thumbnails
      • i guess since amz sells the product there isnt a copyright issue... iirc amz doesnt limit the image size for upload or do they?
      • BrianG
        i dont remember. i've only uploaded a handful to them
      • teleGUISE_
        same here... im glad many new covers are 500x500 .. i use theirs for my stuff when thats the case cuz it saves me from having to take the cover out of jewel case stick it on the scanner, scan it, stick it back in the jewel case ... repeat..
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      • yllona is listening to Pusherman by Curtis Mayfield from Superfly Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition (1972) (1:52 / 5:05)
      • you disco queen ;)
      • not curtis the era...
      • yllona
        tele: this pre-dates disco by a few years. first disco tune was '76-77 :)
      • this is from a movie soundtrack
      • teleGUISE_
        i was thinking about that.. thats when it was big.. but didnt it start in like 74
      • i saw Superfly and thats what made me think disco
      • yllona
        yeah, kinda... the early stuff was more lite R & B ish
      • i ignored it as long as possible :P
      • yllona is listening to Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus from Mingus Ah Um (1959) (0:14 / 4:47)
      • teleGUISE_
        definitely the way the cover is written is Super Fly Disco Font - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00000JFV9/
      • yllona
        that's more late psychedelia, post peter max. that's the original cover art
      • teleGUISE_
        yea.. reading the track titles i guess so... junkie cocaine
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      • yllona
        and a "pusher" is '70s slang for a dealer.
      • teleGUISE_
        yep... who is reference by Freddie?
      • yllona
        freddie is a junkie who over dosed
      • teleGUISE_
        someone fictional or real
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      • yllona