• ruaok
        oh, I get it.
      • I shouldn't hit add artist until I choose one of the choices that pops up.
      • not very intuitive. :-(
      • but it works. :)
      • aCiD2
        You mean add artist should be disabled?
      • Nono, I need feedback - this is alpha alpha alpha quality atm :P
      • ruaok
        not sure what it should do. lemme think.
      • aCiD2
        but yea, it doesn't feel at all intuitive yet
      • I'm thikning of auto-matically filling in the "join phrase" boxes with "," and " & "
      • ruaok
        maybe have the button say: "search for artist".
      • then display the artists in a box below that is always there.
      • aCiD2
        But the button doesn't search, it automatically searches
      • ruaok
        then when the user selects an artist add it above.
      • I think the auto search is throwing me off too.
      • I don't particularly like auto search -- we don't have the bandwidth infrastructure that google does.
      • aCiD2
        ah, ok
      • ruaok heads out on a bike ride
      • ruaok
      • aCiD2
        ok, lemme fiddle for a while
      • RifRaf
        ok i believe the last fm api 2.0 is broken when doing track based lookups
      • look at these results http://pastebin.ca/1480188
      • i i give up till it returns consistant values for artist and artist/track , not these ridiculous numbers
      • seems fine for artist and can change the code for artist only based lookups in lastfmplus for now i think
      • cept i never use that
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      • RifRaf discovers getinfo http://ws.audioscrobbler.com/2.0/?method=track.getinfo&artist=cher&track=believe&api_key=b25b959554ed76058ac220b7b2e0a026
      • could be some good stuff for comments tag
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      • wow lastfmplus is so much faster if only doing artist lookups and not track based, gives consistant results for every song
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      • aCiD2
        ruaok: I think I got something better, let me know when you are back
      • nikki
        I clicked delete and it went omgomgomgerror :/
      • aCiD2
        it did?
      • nikki
        something like that anyway
      • aCiD2 checks now
      • I added one artist, added another, then clicked delete on the first artist
      • aCiD2
      • aha
      • interesting, it makes the form submit...
      • nikki is finding these forms confusing :/
      • It's really hard to display it in an intuitive way, that's why I asked for help in yesterdays meeting
      • nikki
        hmm... words are annoying things
      • maybe a picture would work
      • aCiD2
        sure, any advice is good
      • nikki
        I want to demonstrate what I would find intuitive (not that I'm an interface designer or anything, just my personal opinion :))
      • aCiD2
        more opinions the better, until we work something out :P
      • did you see proniks mockup?
      • nikki
        I saw some
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      • aCiD2
        oh well, bed time
      • nikki
        http://lmfao.org.uk/artistcredit.png <- this is basically the way I would probably expect the page to flow... I guess the main differences are that in my mind, you click 'add' because you want to start adding a new artist, not because you've finished looking up the previous artist, and the blank entry and add button are always the bottom part, instead of looking up artists from the top part
      • aCiD2
        what timing lol
      • that makes sense, but the problem is how do you enter name variations?
      • nikki
        I'm still thinking about that, it could maybe work a bit like the relate-to box, where you look up the artist in the actual box which pops up, leaving the input part for the credited name
      • and I'm not sure how I would display which artist a credit is linked to... at the moment it looks like in yours that if you select 'test artist' and then 'abba', and realise you got them the wrong way round, you could switch the credited names without actually switching the linked artists so you get abba credited as 'test artist' and 'test artist' credited as abba
      • ruaok
        aCiD2: I'll have another look in a bit.
      • Ill send mail later.
      • aCiD2
        ruaok: well I'm off to bed now, look tomorrow?
      • ruaok
      • nikki
        aCiD2: and sleep well :P
      • aCiD2
        I'll leave the computer on, hopefully it won't blow up
      • :P
      • ruaok
        I'm going to be on sporadic tomorrow
      • and then off for the rest of the week.
      • ruaok needs a vacation
      • aCiD2
        nikki: How about we do it your way, and when you select an artist, it changes to a link, like in the current editor
      • ruaok
        debating how to avoid wet spots on the playa.
      • ruaok returns to acpking
      • heh
      • nn aCiD2
      • aCiD2
        But it also has a button "add alternative name" - clicking that would turn the button into an input?
      • If you want to change the artist then, you would click the pencil next to the artist link
      • aCiD2 will try and implement that tomorrow
      • nikki
        aCiD2: the other thing I was thinking of was you look up an artist, select it, then it offers a list of ways the artist has been credited already to choose from (with an option to create a new one)
      • I guess something like what you said would be best, 'cause I imagine most artists use their usual primary name most of the time
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      • someone's who's more familiar with discogs and soundunwound might have a better idea, I've never used either
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      • NotSen
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      • i am so bored
      • i wish catcat was around
      • what are CD stubs?
      • like i could guess but what exactly are they in MB
      • navap_
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      • NotSen
      • i swear i searched the wiki for that
      • navap
        You're welcome.
      • I can usually get away with just using the query as the article name.
      • In the singular form though, so "CD Stub", not "CD Stubs".
      • NotSen
      • i dont know what i did wrong, it was a day or two ago
      • figured id come in and ask and see if i could get catcat's attentino
      • omg inhouseuk is here
      • ruaok... i promise your choco some day
      • im paying my rent on my credit card though
      • so... forgive me
      • nikki, brianfreud, juhae, everyone else, hi ^_^
      • and im already leaving so >.> bye
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      • aCerCer
      • <-- wassleeping
      • mrning ti me
      • time to vacume before it get too hot
      • alastairp
      • noticing the blog post about adding RGs to py-mb2
      • I could probably take a gander at that
      • ruaok
        alastairp: I'D LOVE THAT!
      • we also need someone to adapt it for NGS.
      • I want to work on the WS for NGS soon.
      • ok, I'm out. back in the morrow before I disappear for a few days.
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      • voltagex
        hi, I've submitted a CD, but I can't get it in my client.
      • inhouseuk
        voltagex: did you register with musicbrainz, or just add it as a cdstub? Also which client are you using?
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