• RyanWolf1120
        antlarr future CGI tasks maybe?
      • antlarr
        CGI tasks ?
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      • kepstin
        pseudorelease is still necessary to translate/transliterate release titles and artist credits too, the recording title alone isn't sufficient
      • (and releases can have variations on the track titles which should be translated individually too)
      • antlarr
        hmm, that's true, artist credits is different from the artist's name
      • if only pseudoreleases just used all information from the original release and only allowed to change the translatable parts
      • kepstin
        that would be ideal, yeah. still need to work out the db data model for that :)
      • antlarr
        btw, does the db data model change often? I'm developing an app that imports data from musicbrainz's db dumps. That's currently working but you just made me wonder what would happen if the data model changes a lot in the future...
      • kepstin
        changes are scheduled... I'm not sure how often exactly, but iirc about once a year or so? There's announcements leading up to it with time to prepare
      • antlarr
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      • ZaphodBeeblebrox
        re that tracklist fr psudos thing: infact a lot of work on that had already been accomplished, by bitmap called "alt tracklists"
      • the interface and such is more difficult as well as waiting on react conversion
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      • kepstin
        huh, cool
      • (the name "alt tracklists" doesn't really encompass the whole desired feature tho, because tracklists alone aren't sufficient - you'd also want the release title and release artist credit included)
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      • CatQuest
        yea I guess that is true. but that wa the name of the project it was mostly zas's initiall idea
      • reosarevok
        I forget if that's also configurable on bitmap's branch or not
      • I've asked him several times, and I always forget
      • CatQuest
        :D i mean it should be
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      • iconoclasthero
        what is a red circle icon in picard?
      • V
      • d5f6e538-130f-40b7-959f-25af60bf8b2c
      • outsidecontext
        iconoclasthero: some error happened. Look in the error log
      • iconoclasthero
      • "coverart error: socket operation timed out"
      • although that's from the album info dialog... /var/log/ doesn't have an MB directory
      • outsidecontext
        Yes, the info dialog also shows the specific error. What I meant was the View Error/Debug log dialog inside Picard. It sometimes will give more context then what the info dialog provides.
      • iconoclasthero
        where's that one?
      • nvm
      • E: 17:33:17,598 /usr/lib/picard/picard/webservice/__init__._handle_reply:387: Network request error for http://archive.org:80/download/mbid-d5f6e538-13...: Socket operation timed out (QT code 4, HTTP code 0)
      • E: 17:33:17,598 /usr/lib/picard/picard/album.error_append:259: Coverart error: Socket operation timed out
      • is that a transient error or should it be reported?
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      • jesus, that album is all over the place.
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      • CatQuest
        ok. no more tasks to review and it's midnight soon
      • nighty night!
      • 🌃 💤