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      • Iiridayn
        Apparently I'm not registered on this server under any alts.
      • Many artists I follow release on Youtube or soundcloud. How do these releases fit into the musicbrainz database?
      • darwin
        "standalone recordings" in general
      • (in my understanding)
      • Iiridayn
        Are there any good scripts to copy over meta data from bandcamp/soundcloud to Musicbrainz? Youtube as well, though those would require individual approval to filter just music
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      • darwin
        Iiridayn: bandcamp yes, soundcloud no
      • because, basically, soundcloud doesn't have any meta data.
      • you know, why would the predominant site where independent musicians post their music
      • bother to have any useful metadata?
      • I mean, they can't even ship track descriptions on mobile
      • so maybe I'm expecting too much
      • </extremely_cynical_take_on_soundcloud>
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      • I love JoeLlama's exit messages. So creative.
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      • Iiridayn
        Hmm, danke
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      • antlarr
        hi, I'm not doing the change because I'm not very sure, but if anyone is confident about it, I think https://musicbrainz.org/release/c390fdf1-943d-4... should probably be changed to a new release group with Live secondary type (note that 3 of the 28 medias in the boxset are studio recordings and 5.1 mixes of the studio recordings, but the wide majority are live recordings)
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      • alastairp
        reosarevok: hi, thinking about MBBE tickets. I'm just doing some stuff with imslp links, and see that they now redirect http->https, and many urls in MB are http-only. Is that a candidate for bulk edit?
      • reosarevok
        Not even bulk edit. If that's the case (simple http -> https with no other changes), yvanzo can set a cron process for that
      • alastairp
        cool. where should I report it?
      • reosarevok
        MBBE sounds about right
      • reosarevok checks whether we do something with those URLs on cleanup now
      • We do standardise to HTTPS
      • So more reason to do it then
      • alastairp
      • CatQuest
        >[04:49] <darwin> I love JoeLlama's exit messages. So creative.
      • agree :D
      • anyway I don't know if editing artist credit is an autonmod at all. it was intruduced *after* i wasmade autoed :D
      • i any case editing an artist credit (chaning case but not adding any other artist) should be autoedit imho since it doesn't seem like a "destructive" edi at all
      • i *guess* changing an artist out outright could be destructive (someone changing all the releases of one thing to some other thing and the original artist got removed)
      • and adding a whole bunch of artist credits that were wrong would be a pita to fix. but
      • oooh waait
      • it was before 2012 and I was not an autoED because overly anal people voted no on some artist-splits (which are technically artist credit edits) because spaces and stuff were missing
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      • cheezmo2_
        antlarr: There are many releases like that where the original album is included with tons of new "bonus material" that overshadows the original release. Live concerts often added to a new "special edition", etc. It's a good question. I think in the case you highlighted it should be a separate release group given that the title is different than the original album and the live content is first, it is almost like th
      • e original album is included as an afterthought.
      • antlarr
        yep, that was my thought
      • as if it's the original album that's added as a bonus
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      • Lotheric
      • BrainzBot
        MBS-10621: Add autoselect + sidebar for Tidal URLs
      • Lotheric
        anyone using Tidal ?
      • Rotab
        not that im aware
      • Yaniel
        I recently added something with a tidal url
      • it's pretty confusing with all the regional redirects
      • also the streaming and download store are separate things apparently
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      • Lotheric
        I add links but I'm not a subscriber so I can't answer to the question in the ticket
      • Yaniel
        not subscribed either
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      • cheezmo2_
        I just noticed something weird in Picard. I use it on two different computers. On one of them the "Pending Requests" number at the bottom shows the number of "releases", on the on other it shows the number of "tracks" remaining to load. I can't see a setting related to that.
      • CatQuest
        same ver#?
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      • cheezmo2_
        Yes, release 2.5. But it isn't a new problem, I don't think.
      • I've always thought the numbers were a different scale, but just really put it together loading a similar number of releases in each at the same time.
      • CatQuest
        ty loading the exact same number/album/whatever
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      • cheezmo2_
        Well I'm loading about 1000 releases in to each right now, and one syas 450 to go (started near 1000) the other says 8260, started near 170000.
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      • 17 tracks/release is probably about right given the box sets etc.
      • (17000, not 170,000, lol).